Life Insurance Edition

Creating the future of life insurance today

In the complex life insurance landscape, outdated systems often stand in the way of product innovation and customer satisfaction, risking the loss of business and market share.

SAP Fioneer’s globally proven platform offers comprehensive, modular, standardized solutions for end-to-end life insurance management. With robust configurability and customizability, you can seamlessly develop proprietary services and integrate with third parties to meet customers’ ever-evolving demands and build a standout service.

Proven results from leading insurers


reduction in manual tasks
and service tickets 

3 months

to launch a new greenfield
insurance business


faster processing
of bank data

​​ End-to-end life insurance solutions

​​ Next generation life insurance​

​​Provide a connected, holistic service, creating your own wider ecosystem via built-in APIs, events and microservices integration capabilities. Our open platform makes it simple to connect with your key partners, including insurtechs, payment gateways and regulatory authorities.​

​​Fast, reliable implementation​

​​Our SaaS solution provides everything you need to deliver best-in-class life insurance serviced ​​​​with rapid, low risk implementation. Launch products out of the box or customize the platform according to your needs, with ready-made views that seamlessly interface with any front-end or portal.

​​Enhance your product agility​

​​​​Capture new market segments and streamline innovation and growth with built-in product customization. Your analysts can develop, test and launch new products easily, matching features to customer needs through a simple user-interface to maximize customer value.​

The future of insurance is decided by good products and good technology. 
You need a partner who is familiar with both worlds and who can excel in both worlds. 
And this is what SAP Fioneer is doing.

Heinrich Fritzlar, Vice President of Application Development, Nürnberger Insurance

​​Comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs​

​​Accounting traceability​

​​​​Streamline financial operational compliance with full traceability from ledger to front-end delivery with a seamless data journey for complete visibility and control.​

​​Rich content as standard​

​​Utilize our comprehensive out-of-the-box Core Policy Management to expedite implementation, featuring 100+ business transactions and 200+ background activities.

​​Optimized incentives and commissions​

​​Efficiently manage incentives and commissions for complex sales channel hierarchy and flexible compensation structures with configurable rules.​​​​

Line of Business and Group Solutions​

​​Support Life and Non-Life coverages and Group Life Insurance through cross-controlled Master Policies and create tailored solutions across multiple lines of business.​

​​Improved quotation and underwriting​

​Streamlining sourcing and processing with integrated policy management and comprehensive underwriting features, including risk aggregation, rule processing, rating and our underwriting workbench.

​​Flexible product functionality​

​​Easily update and configure your products on multiple levels, either via our analyst-focused UI, or using our advanced developer options.​​​​

​​Fully configurable platform​

​​Coordinate the platform according to your needs to integrate your own proprietary intelligence via customized content and exits .

​​Seamless investment management​

Easily track invested funds at the company level, with a comprehensive visibility, including allocations, investment management and treasury to enhance financial transparency and power informed decision-making.​

Why us?

​​Enjoy unparalleled reliability with our proven software solutions, trusted by 50% of the world’s largest insurance companies to innovate rapidly without compromising reliability.​

​​High-Performance In-Memory Database​

​​Enhance your core processing performance on complex life insurance operations and batch processing with our SAP S4/HANA systems, proven on global transaction volumes.​

​​Sophisticated standard solutions​

​​Implement sophisticated standard solutions that are continuously updated, minimizing customization costs and ensuring ongoing alignment with industry advancements.​

​​Robust and adaptable​

​​Balance flexibility and stability, with tested infrastructure that supports a high degree of customization without compromising availability.​

​​Future-proof innovation​

​​We work with our clients to build the solutions of the future, delivering a customized approach today with the promise of seamless updates and extensions in the future.​

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