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The best-in-class cloud solution for banks

Find out how our Cloud for Banking solution can put you two steps ahead of customer needs and competition.

Our end-to-end solutions cover all your business needs.

Our end-to-end solutions cover the office of the CFO, core banking and insurance processes, as well as embedded finance for both you and your customers to become truly cloud native – and stay compliant, competitive, and profitable at the same time.

  • Finance and risk management
  • Digital and core banking
  • Digital and core insurance
  • Commercial lending
  • Sustainable finance platform (ESG)
  • Embedded financial solutions
  • Advisory, implementation and support
  • Move to the cloud, co-innovation and more!

Building the next generation of financial services software.

SAP Fioneer launched in 2021 as a joint venture between Dediq and global technology leader SAP to become the world’s leading provider of financial services software solutions and platforms.

We enable customers to transform, grow and differentiate their business, while meeting their needs for speed, scalability and cost-efficiency through digital business innovation, cloud technology and solutions that cover banking and insurance processes end to end.

SAP Fioneer has offices and operations spanning the globe and a strong presence in Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

The world’s leading institutions trust SAP Fioneer.

  • We service 6 of Europe’s 10 largest banks
  • 50% of the world’s largest insurers are our customers
  • Over 600 financial institutions globally run our core banking solutions
  • Over 100 customers will go live on our Financial Product Subledger (FPSL) platform in 2023
  • Incumbent as well as challenger banks choose our Cloud for Banking (C4B) platform

Accelerating ESG transformation

Discover the main ESG requirements banks need to meet and the challenges they experience along the way in our whitepaper.


We create the future with the best: You.

Identify core value drivers

Our combined teams will focus on identifying and implementing the solutions with the highest value

Design a prototype

Prototypes will be created to be as simple and effective as possible to implement

Engage the business

We have a real stake in any co-innovation project, share responsibilities but give your business leaders autonomy to make key decisions

Customize to differentiate

The standardized solution design will allow for more effective journeys but will remain flexible enough to customize to differentiate from competitors and meet evolving business needs

Integrate front to back

The design will allow for existing solutions to be seamlessly integrated

Our capabilities:

Combining rock-solid technology with bold creativity.

Tried and tested for scale and performance

  • With us, you get over 20 years of experience in financial services technology and engineering – and support you in meeting your risk, regulatory and compliance obligations

Quick time-to-market

  • You benefit from rapid implementation time for all solutions (max. 3 months for minimum viable product – MVP)

Modular and versatile

  • Our solutions are modular, integrated, easy to consume and tailored to your key market and segment
  • You are empowered to deliver products across all potential digital touchpoints and channels combined with 3rd party products

Move to the cloud when you are ready

  • You can choose from the on-premise and the cloud-native software solutions
  • We guide and advise you on the transition to a modern, future-proof setup

Open core strategy

  • Leverage the flexible deployment options at the heart of our open core strategy to help you address current and future requirements
  • Connect to our solutions seamlessly and ensure fast and consistent data processing while limiting number of interfaces to other components
Dirk Kruse
CEO, SAP Fioneer

“We understand the challenges banks and insurers face and continuously advance our products and solutions to meet changing market needs. SAP Fioneer is the SAP you already know and trust but with a sole focus on building the next generation of financial services software, together with our clients.”

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