Navigating the multifaceted, globalized financial landscapes is increasingly complex for corporates. Are your clients grappling with inadequate capital visibility? Do you, as leaders in corporate banking and cash management, face hurdles in providing effective cash management solutions?

In this webinar, we embark on a journey of redefining cash management with Virtual Account Management (VAM). Explore how VAM can be a catalyst in the transformation of corporate banking by boosting efficiency and enriching financial insights, empowering treasurers to make real business impacts by always having a clear view of the company´s capital. 

Webinar agenda

  1. The Call for Innovation in Corporate Banking – Examining economic impacts and evolving trends
  2. Spotlight on Treasurers – Understanding their challenges in the current landscape
  3. Reinventing Cash Management – An exploration of Virtual Account Management (VAM)
  4. The VAM Advantage – Uncovering the benefits for both your clients and your banking operations
  5. A Look at SAP Fioneers’ Virtual Account Solution – Your key to unlocking the VAM benefits
  6. Real-world VAM Applications – Showcasing use cases like on-behalf-of management, client money management, virtual multi-bank management, and virtual cash management.

Key takeaways

  1. Gain insights into the main challenges of corporate banking and the increasing demands on treasury functions.
  2. Learn how VAM can simplify cash management and enhance real-time-visibility of liquidity.
  3. Uncover the operational and cost-saving advantages of VAM for your clients.
  4. Discover the potential impact of VAM on your revenue growth and competitive positioning.


Wouter Roest

Central Product Owner Global Cash Management, ING

Bradley Jarrett

Managing Director, Bancon

Philipp Bieberstein

Product Owner – Virtual Account Management, SAP Fioneer

Dr. Christoph Rösch

Managing Director – Banking, SAP Fioneer

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