Faces of Fioneer: Armando Garrine

Faces of Fioneer is a series showcasing the great people behind our company. In celebration of the international Pride Month, we are highlighting Fioneers who are members or strong allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

Meet Armando Garrine, HR Business Advisor and a champion of belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.


Tell us about yourself!  

I was raised in Portugal and moved to Berlin in 2017. I am all about empowering people, having meaningful conversations and making sure to create psychological safety for employees. My hobbies are dance and operatic singing.  

What do you do at SAP Fioneer?

I recently joined as an HR Business Partner/Advisor for EMEA. My main role is to serve as a people partner/advisor for designated business units. I coach and liaise with managers and individual contributors alike to make sure that the engagement is high and that we as a team can partner effectively. Enablement is my motto: I am here to listen and to address people’s needs as they come up, intermediating between the business and employees. One of our main projects at the moment is to set up People policies and procedures in SAP Fioneer’s scale-up phase.

What does BDEI (belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion) mean to you?

It means that every single individual has the same opportunity to reach their own unique potential and to positively contribute to the overall development of the organization in the short to long run. It‘s more than BDEI providing added revenue in the medium to long term, it is a must that needs to exist, for employees, clients and competitors alike. It’s the right thing to do.

What is it like to work at SAP Fioneer as a member of the LGBTQ+ community?

I just started but it has been great so far. In fact, I am really happy about the new LGBTQ+ Network we announced to celebrate Pride Month. Berlin (where I am based) is a very open place for the community. It’s normal that our office is reflecting that openness! 

How do you promote diversity and inclusion at SAP Fioneer?

Since very early in my career I have been involved with initiatives, faced different obstacles and celebrated wins. But at the end we always managed to create a better, more inclusive environment for everyone. Leadership sets the tone of BDEI. BDEI should be treated as a business challenge and not as a nice to have. I will use my experience to contribute as much as I can.

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