Insurtech ecosystem

We are open to various collaborative scenarios where partner functionality and services come together with SAP Fioneer products and platforms to bring a combined value-added, end to end solution for our insurance clients globally. An aligned insurtech offering enriches our insurance platform, further brining missing capabilities, addressing current trends in the market and opening up new opportunities.

We aim to build an insurtech ecosystem to offer innovative, cutting-edge, integrated and specialized solutions for changing market needs.

Our program enables insurtechs to integrate their platforms with SAP Fioneer’s state of the art and open middle and back office solutions.

Benefits for insurtechs

Integration with SAP Fioneer core systems

Integrate your platforms and solutions with SAP Fioneer’s state of the art core insurance system solutions 

Joint marketing

Benefit from joint marketing activities such as press and social media posts 

Support in end-to-end processes 

Cover functions and features to support E2E processes   

Joint go-to-market

Win new customers and enter new markets through SAP Fioneer’s global reach with a joint GTM strategy 

SAP Fioneer as a new sales channel 

Benefit from a new sales channel through SAP Fioneer at the advanced partnership stage 

Bigger role in the industry

Play a bigger role in the insurance sector without being limited to front-end solutions 

Potential areas of collaboration

Potential areas of collaboration

Benefits for insurers

New solutions

Explore multiple solutions for changing market needs and trends.


Apply innovation
across the entire value chain – focusing on both services and technologies.


Gain access to selected and best-in-class insurtech solutions without having to invest in the implementation of PoCs.


Leverage the opportunity! Be the disruptor, whilst being capable of dealing with disruption at the same time.

New customer segments

Approach the next generation of clients with an “out there” solution using your own or a new brand.

Digital transformation

Build digital solutions with focus on data insights and customer experience.

Reduced TCO

Avoid building from the ground up. Use existing, tested and proven solutions that can be integrated with existing processes.

Speed and agility

Launch new products and solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

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