User Management

User management

Find information on the types of user accounts that will enable your access to the wide range of SAP Fioneer’s support offerings. Learn how to create such user accounts.


What is an F-user?

An F-user is your single sign-on (SSO) to all SAP Fioneer services that are directly operated by SAP Fioneer. SAP Fioneer uses a Microsoft login.

What is an S-User?

An S-user is your single sign-on (SSO) for all services that are technically provided by SAP. SAP also uses a separate Microsoft login.

Tips and tricks

How do I handle S-user and F-user logins in the browser?

You would be able to connect to both SAP’s S-user and SAP Fioneer’s F-user at the same time. In the rare occasion that you are logged in with an SAP C-user (not required for SAP Fioneer support), a second browser or browser profile may be necessary. In most cases, you cannot be logged in to multiple Microsoft accounts at the same time (e.g., S-user and F-user accounts). In order to still use both service offerings, you can refer to any of the following paths to switch between S-users and F-users:

  • Use a second browser
  • Use separate browser profiles (e.g., in Microsoft Edge or Chrome) to log in to the second account
  • Log in and out from the accounts while staying on the same browser.

How to request a new user account to access SAP Fioneer support offerings? (for current customers only)

An existing primary user can request additional F-user accounts through the Fioneer Support System (“New Account”). S-users can be added in the self-management area by SAP.