Joint path to excellence

We don’t innovate in isolation. We work with our customers to innovate together, iteratively, building better products with specific business and market needs in mind.

The fast-moving, complex world in which we live calls for new software solutions to meet the demands of new business models and challenges. We think working through this complexity is easier with a partner: you know the unique needs of your business and market, and we know technology. Together we can develop new software solutions – both improving existing products and building wholly new ones – that help you, and the industry, prosper both today and tomorrow.

Co-creating change

By joining forces with our customers, we can develop truly customer-centric, market-leading solutions.

We combine customer experience with SAP Fioneer know-how, aligning our goals and sharing the development costs, all while building on the stability and security of existing assets’ SAP standards.

It allows us to create entirely new end-to-end solutions and additional features for existing products, together:

New features and improvements. We work with you to identify unmet needs and then adapt existing products to address them. You get standard software, shaped to your specific market and use cases.

Major innovation. To address a larger scope of changes or a new solution that our existing product portfolio does not cover, we form a joint project with one or multiple customers. We develop a minimum viable product together, test and iterate on it, before putting it into production and scaling it across other customers.

Key benefits

  • Tailor-made development of standard solutions with lower build and operating costs through shared investment
  • Access to the development expertise of SAP Fioneer, as well as documentation, training, upgrades and integration support
  • An opportunity to shape the direction of SAP Fioneer products
  • Competitive advantage with faster access to innovation and go-to-market
  • Future-proof technology, following SAP Fioneer’s path to a cloud-based future

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