Embedding success

Embedded finance-as-a-service is a way to simplify and democratize access to financial products and services.

By seamlessly embedding financial services within platforms and processes, we can connect the physical supply chain with the financial supply chain, unlocking untapped possibility and value.

It makes the connection between SAP users and their banks frictionless, empowering financial services institutions with data-driven insights and opening up new revenue streams for non-financial businesses – benefitting all participants in the digital ecosystem.

What is embedded finance?

Embedded finance means integrating financial services or tools into bank’s corporate clients’ products or processes, like offering a loan or insurance at the point of sale. So consumers and businesses can access and benefit from financial services exactly when and where they need them, seamlessly embedded within the software platform used to execute the business transaction.

And it means financial services providers can serve their products – payments, credit, insurance – through new distribution channels, opening up access to more customers.

Our strategy

Embedded finance presents a massive opportunity: a chance for non-financial businesses to offer integrated, tailored financial services to their customers, and for banks and insurance companies to reach into new distribution channels and widen access.

With 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touching an SAP system, embedded finance lets you tap into the value of B2B transactions in the SAP ecosystem, and make the financial services experience of millions of people a little simpler and more connected.

Our embedded finance strategy is built on three pillars:

  • Open data: Quick access to coherent, quality data is key to offering the right services at the right time.
  • Trusted insights: Verified transaction data combined with AI and machine learning tools allows you to unlock insights and anticipate customer needs.
  • Data-driven financial services: Data-driven models enable financial services to be delivered in a hyper-personalized way, the product’s features and pricing tailored to each customer.

Our vision

We want to use embedded finance to make financial services faster and more intelligent, paving the way for a seamless, borderless financial world.

Money is a multiplier – a social tool we use to exchange value across space and time. And embedded finance makes it more powerful, moving that value and trust faster. From instant payments to dynamic credit lines, embedded finance makes money work better for everyone.

Starting your embedded finance journey

Our approach is to co-innovate with financial services providers to deliver embedded finance experiences that their customers will love.

We work with our partners to develop a minimum viable product, perform market validation to assess product-market fit and then iterate toward a market-ready, scalable product – building towards an embedded finance solution together.

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