The next generation of financial services software

The gulf between the status quo of IT and what’s needed has never been greater.

To support fast-changing markets and business models in a digital economy, your technology needs the flexibility and power to innovate, fast.

Migrating to the cloud gives you the ability to innovate quickly and at scale, to keep pace with the fast-changing markets and business models of our digital-first age.

Our software is available both on-premise and in the cloud and we will ensure you get the support you need to transition from the status quo to a modern, future-proof setup.

Migrate and transform with SAP Fioneer

We see the pace of change not as a disrupter, but as an opportunity to realize your business’ full potential.

We help you design and deploy a solution that respects both your technical heritage and ambition: agile enough to meet new demands and business models, and stable enough to act as the backbone for your core back-end processes.

Cloud migration and transformation is a continuous process, with opportunities for innovation and flexibility at every stage. So we help drive value throughout your journey, delivering along two parallel tracks:

  • To start getting value immediately, we transition most customers to a managed cloud solution, where we manage your mission-critical SAP applications in the cloud while you work through your migration roadmap.
  • In parallel, we work with you to deploy the Fioneer software components you need, moving you to a more flexible cloud-based SaaS model for the long term.

Key benefits

  • Banking platform-as-a-service
  • Powered by latest SAP technology to accelerate business innovation​
  • Lower total cost of ownership versus on-premise solutions
  • Real-time processing and insights with a cloud-based single source of truth
  • Flexible, secure integration via APIs
  • Best-in-class user experience
  • Modular design and pricing – start with what you need and grow at your own pace

The best-in-class cloud solution for banks

Find out how our Cloud for Banking solution can put you two steps ahead of customer needs and competition.

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