Webinar: The LDTI Game Plan

The LDTI Game Plan: What insurers need to become compliant and enable finance transformation.

How is the insurance industry tackling LDTI, the most comprehensive accounting regulation change in years?

Join Mainak Patel, Ekkehard Lange from SAP Fioneer and Bryan C. Benjamin from Deloitte to hear how the insurance industry is taking advantage of regulatory changes to modernize their finance function and technology.

In this webinar we explore:

  • How the SAP Fioneer approach mitigates the complexities of accounting for financial products now and into the future
  • How you can manage statutory accounting as well as forecasting, planning, and simulation in a single platform
  • Why a subledger approach is the best way to become LDTI compliant
  • The opportunities to efficiently manage different measurement approaches in parallel
  • How a subledger solution can take you beyond compliance and accelerate finance transformation