B2B Embedded Finance – whitepaper

Transforming business interactions with B2B embedded finance

Today, B2B embedded finance is a largely unexplored landscape. Tomorrow, it won’t be. In our whitepaper, we share insights on how you can lead the revolution and create value-adding propositions for B2B transactions to explore new markets and new client segments.

Get the first mover advantage in B2B embedded finance

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Key takeaways

Endless possibilities

Explore the endless possibilities of embedded finance use cases such as digital trade financing, embedded payments, digital treasury.

First mover advantage

Understand why now is the time for embedded finance to transform the financing of B2B transactions – and how you can get in on it early.

Leverage ERPs

Uncover how the purpose of ERPs can be leveraged to create unified experiences through the embedded finance landscape.

Turning data into insights

Find out how to effectively leverage operational and experiential data to gain valuable insights into your customers and develop superior products.

Operational strategy

Learn how to create a winning strategy for embedded finance to ensure control, monitoring, and audibility.

Bridging banks and businesses

Discover how SAP Fioneer is bridging the gap between banks and their corporate clients with their unique approach.

Solving yesterday’s problem with today’s tools delivers sub-optimal products. Our innovation approach is to imagine the future potential and work backwards to crafting the technology for today.

Vishal Shah, Head of Embedded Finance, SAP Fioneer

Pioneer B2B embedded finance opportunities

Find out more about the potential use cases, operational strategy and the right platform for you.

Download the whitepaper