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At SAP Fioneer, we grow, we lead, we innovate. As colleagues, we support, challenge, and inspire one another every day. We constantly learn and build breakthroughs, together. Are you ready to join us?

We grow fast and exponentially.

Be part of an empowering and inclusive organization that is built from the ground up.​

Work in a fast-paced ​start-up with years of development expertise, strong reputation on the market, and a long-established customer portfolio.

We are highly innovative and bold.

Dare to challenge us, our partners and customers in an entrepreneurial environment.

Thrive in a context where you have the freedom and flexibility to test new things and innovate. Here, your contribution is valued.

We grow and develop constantly.

Achieve your best in an environment that continuously supports your growth by offering individual training, mentoring and rotation programs through all areas of the business.

Work with smart and forward-thinking individuals, get inspired by and learn from a visionary leadership.

We have unparalleled impact.

Have an impact on a global scale with your mindset, your ideas, and your effort.​

​Empower the future of the financial world by helping transform the way financial businesses operate, collaborate and transact with their customers.

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Life at Fioneer

Day in the Life: UX Design at SAP Fioneer

Lisa Lachnit is a UX Designer based in Walldorf, Germany. As part of SAP Fioneer’s Design team, she works with developers, customers, business units and other designers to create functional, needs-based and user-friendly software for an optimal user experience.

Day in the Life: Change Management at SAP Fioneer

Day in the Life is a new series where we interview Fioneers about their job positions – their day-to-day working lives, what inspired them to go into their specific field, what they love about their role and bust some misconceptions. Marie Raab is part of SAP Fioneer’s Global People Transformation Team, which is responsible for…