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Financial services institutions are under increasing pressure to integrate ESG KPIs into every area of reporting. For example, FSIs worldwide are committed to disclosing their Financed Emissions (PCAF) for over USD 90 Trillion in assets. However, opaque data, non-standardized access and manual workarounds make capturing the necessary data slow and expensive.

SAP Fioneer’s ESG KPI Engine provides a central solution to efficiently collect, review, calculate and store ESG-related single exposure and portfolio data – fast, immediate results anytime through the dashboard. Fully integrated with your architecture, our calculation module provides auditable standard calculations over your entire portfolio to enhance compliance and identify valuable transition opportunities.

Key capabilities

  • PCAF-based financed emissions calculations
  • Seamless financial architecture integration
  • Fully historized and auditable
  • Progressive updates in line with regulatory evolution
  • Covering Cross-portfolio ESG use cases

Reliable results delivered


portfolio coverage


guaranteed calculation
for fiscal year 2024


coverage of 7 asset classes and
all 5 PCAF data quality scores

Fully compliant and audit-ready

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in financial product accounting, we bring the same meticulous approach to carbon accounting, physical risks and ESG KPI calculations. This ensures audit-ready disclosures compatible with CSRD, EU Taxonomy, ISSB and more, with regulatory updates included in regular release updates.

Opportunity through transparency

Implement robust ESG policies with clear visibility into the CO2e values of your counterparty and portfolio, providing a firm foundation for relationship managers to capitalize on transition financing opportunities. With data driven insights and solid KPI benchmarking, banks and insurance companies can enable Green Bond placements without risk of greenwashing.

Rapid implementation and ongoing support

Stay ahead of regulation and market updates with standard software, ongoing support and maintenance, including software updates, bug fixes, user training and assistance. With expert advice and integrated systems, banks and insurance companies can focus on core activities with full confidence in their ESG infrastructure.

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Key features

Full portfolio coverage

Track key metrics with a single centralized hub for ESG data orchestration, with real-time emission transparency at both single exposure and portfolio levels.

ESG data marketplace

Track and combine data from relevant external ESG providers along with public statistical sources.

Architecture agnostic

Source and enrich valuable ESG data independent of your data management infrastructure.

Scalable use cases

Adapt reporting and analysis to your needs, from financed emissions and single exposure taxonomy to physical risk.

PCAF principle compliant

All calculations are based on PCAF principles, in line with a growing number of banks and insurers, covering >90 trillion in assets.

Robust, holistic reporting

Demonstrate compliance and commitment across your portfolio with fully historizable, audit-ready reporting.

Introducing: Assess physical risk

Assessment and disclosure of physical climate risk is a growing challenge for banks. With difficulties in integrating and matching data to their portfolio, banks expose themselves not just to regulatory risks but monetary losses. Our Physical Risk module provides an integrated solution with central data management and FSI-specific logic to help institutions navigate regulations and climate risks.

Our solution is a pivotal step towards a greener financial industry. By equipping FSIs with the tools they need to navigate ESG regulation, we envision a future in which transparency and sustainability drive business decisions.

Maria Patschke, CEO of SAP Fioneer ESG Solutions

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