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Compliance is costly. With regulations and accounting standards constantly evolving, keeping up with them is a manual, time-consuming process. It makes it hard to grow profitability while managing risk.  Our platform simplifies this complexity, reduces costs, and provides unparalleled visibility and reporting capabilities. It gives finance and accounting teams the freedom to focus on more strategic activities, while ensuring compliance and adapting to future requirements. All this based on rock-solid technology.

Built for finance

The only subledger designed for financial services. Benefit from high volume management, pre-installed accounting rules and business content, data lineage for regulations and ESG, and drill-down transparency from consolidation to journal entries to transaction details.

Granular control

Our platform is general ledger agnostic, meaning consistent interfaces and accounting rules across all business lines. Leverage documented procedures, automation and pre-validation for faster reconciliation, and clear delineation of roles between IT and business.

Simplified efficiency

Use one central hub to control all systems running subledger functions. Our platform reduces technical overhead, streamlines processing, cuts the time spent on manual adjustments, reconciliation and reporting while improving audit costs. 

Proven results from hundreds of financial institutions worldwide


faster monthly closing


improvement in manual forecasting


less manual reporting

The understanding of the insurance business model was particularly important in the IFRS17 introduction, and this is certainly where we feel that SAP Fioneer can bring a lot of value to the table, being very specialized in the financial services industry.

Robert Lempertseder, Head of Financial and Regulatory Reporting at Munich RE

Finance operations and data-driven steering built for banks and insurers

The best of
both worlds

By combining cross-industry finance solutions from major vendors with applications tailored for banking and insurance, you get the best of both worlds: broad application and deep insight.

Accounting as a service

We provide a complete, pre-configured accounting solution with a chart of accounts, code block and accounting rules tailored specifically to financial services.

Subledger for banking & insurance

Our centralized rules for GAAP-compliant accounting, allocations, revenue splits, and Lot, Portfolio and FX position assignment help close the gap between business operations and finance.

GAAP-compliant valuations

We use cash flows and input from risk and actuarial experts to calculate book values, including amortized costs and fair values, as well as risk provisions and impairments.

financial control

Our process speeds up the financial close by reconciling accounts daily, making necessary manual adjustments, and following a proven substantiation process.

Trusted, granular financial data

We provide a finance-owned data mart for financial and management reporting, analytics and statutory disclosures – no need for a separate finance data warehouse.

​​Sustainable and crypto accounting

We offer an accounting subledger for your crypto business, as well as PCAF-compliant greenhouse gas accounting to help reduce your environmental impact.

​​Single source
of truth

Use our Financial Services Data Management for Banks solution to create a single source of truth with a comprehensive and consistent financial services data model.

Effectively gathering, calculating and analyzing ESG data is complex and overwhelming. With our standard solution, we enable customers to have the right data to be compliant with regulations and create new transition finance opportunities.

Maria Patschke, CEO – SAP Fioneer ESG Solutions

for banking and insurance

Navigate growth and compliance with ease

Integrating financial and management accounting across diverse financial instruments is an ongoing challenge, and ever-changing regulatory thresholds and rules demand a proactive financial approach to efficiently manage growth. Our platform helps you meet these challenges head on. 

Highlighted solutions:

  • Financial products subledger
  • Financial control
  • ESG
  • Liquidity management
  • Financial services data management

Complex operations – simplified compliance

Our platform enables you to comply simultaneously with multiple accounting standards, and account for business events in different currencies across multiple lines of business. It also allows for easy management, monitoring and reconciliation of the closing process, from source data in product and policy systems to consolidated group data. 

Highlighted solutions:

  • Financial products subledger
  • ESG
  • Asset liability management
  • Forecasting, planning and simulation
  • Automated regression testing

Software solutions for scaling ESG

Financial institutions are facing increasing ESG challenges; from operating ESG KPIs to reporting on their portfolio, requiring substantial internal and external data sourcing, data management and calculation. Our maintained ESG calculation engine solves these challenges by integrating into your architecture and standard connectors to external ESG data providers.

Highlighted solutions:

  • ESG transparency on single exposure and portfolio level
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Green business opportunities
  • ESG data orchestration

CFO functions are tasked with continuously adapting to a changing financial services industry. Our goal is to enable our customers to be compliant, efficient, and successful at all times.

Frank Hammann, Managing Director – Finance & ESG, SAP Fioneer

Introducing: Financial Control

Our newly launched financial control platform helps you navigate complex financial closing procedures easily and efficiently by bringing reconciliations, manual adjustments, and substantiation processes to one central and intelligent platform.

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