Collections and Disbursements

Drive efficiency, visibility, and customer satisfaction

Managing collections and disbursements is a complex and crucial task for insurance firms. With the rise of digital insurance, the ability to connect with third parties and tailor processes for diverse billing requirements is key.

Our Collections and Disbursement (FS-CD) platform has been proven over decades of implementation, delivering insurance-specific mass data processing of payments efficiently and flexibly. Covering end-to-end premium billing to receivables management, insurers can to drive customer satisfaction through flexible invoicing, faster responses, and composable self-service options.

Key capabilities

  • Unified invoicing and payments view
  • Third-party collection for all validation, invoicing and payment processes
  • Integrated, centralized collections
  • Flexible, standardized, platform-agnostic integration
  • Transparent audit trail and reconciliations
  • Powerful big data functionality

Proven results across hundreds of insurance companies


overheads savings after
system consolidation


faster reconciliation with
general and subledger


automation of
incoming payments

Accounting, billing, and customer service
connected end-to-end

Centralize billing, streamline business processes

FS-CD delivers efficient operations with low transaction costs and state-of-the-art customer service. Our single system consolidates financial transactions, integrating systems for better data management, reducing errors and manual interventions. With greater control, insurers can drive increased working capital, reduced financial risk, and lower collections costs.

Create customer-focused collections management

Deliver superior billing experience with a platform built for flexible, customer-oriented collections management. Our software supports account-current, direct-bill, and broker-statement-bill and more, according to customer needs. With simpler operations, insurance companies can retain key policyholders, agents, and brokers, combining transparency and faster service to protect client trust and deliver a superior experience.

Cut total cost of ownership

Simplify your systems, connecting existing billing and CRM systems for consistent, real-time data sharing. Our collections and disbursements software (FS-CD) is built to scale, ready to handle large volumes of financial transactions without sacrificing speed, with no need for custom development – everything you need works right out of the box.

We operate FS-CD as a central platform and service for multiple of our countries and lines of business. Particularly noteworthy are our proven best practice processes, which enable us to introduce FS-CD in new markets within a manageable period of time and cost that is acceptable even to smaller units.

Stefan Tretter, Head of Global Billing & Payments IT, Zurich Insurance

Key features

Easily manage posting data from various administrative systems through a single platform, with automatic assignment and tracking across due dates, payment methods, and amounts.

Manage broker accounting, settlements, invoices, payments, and balances across a range of types in one convenient platform with full visibility.

Efficiently manage coinsurance contracts, premiums, claims, and settlements, including diverse models like proportional and facultative coinsurance.

Manage multiple payment methods and currencies, including diverse transactions including partial payments and refunds, with comprehensive payment documentation.

Tailor your customer experience with custom user exits, BAdIs, enhancement spots, and tables, enabling personalized software experiences according to their needs.

Extract the information you need with structured, insightful reports on financial metrics and trends, to power strategic decision-making and evaluation.

Maximize legal and regulatory compliance for debt collection, featuring fair practices and audit trails to proactively mitigate risk.

Streamline dunning processes, streamlining notices and letters for debts, maximizing communication efficiency and consistency.

Easily generate invoices and billing documents, with flexible billing cycles and accurate premium calculations according to contracts and cash cycles.

Close each period efficiently with integrated balance confirmation, reconciliation, accruals, and journal entry posting to reduce delays and missing information.

Seamlessly integrate with SAP and external systems, for a streamlined, accurate collections processes and reliable data flow across your tools.

Real time payments, digital payments and a new customer dashboard allow agents to rapidly access and search customer data, allowing faster payments to customers and help streamline operations. Find out more here.

With over 200 installations, Collections and Disbursements
(FS-CD) is the world’s leading billing and payments system, delivering efficiency and innovation at scale.

Tobias Mangei, Product Owner – Collections and Disbursements, SAP Fioneer

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