Payment Central

Seamless, multichannel payment processing in one hub

In the rapidly changing world of payments banks are competing for ever-faster transactions, more efficient operations and increased trust and transparency. Regulations, payment schemes and technological possibilities are rapidly evolving, while institutions are still tackling complex fragmented systems and rising customer expectations. Technology can’t be a set back here: it needs to be an enabler to win.

Fioneer Payment Central provides a comprehensive solution with a wide-array of payment connectors and powerful end-to-end processing proven to handle the biggest volumes on the market. This allows banks to simplify their payment landscape by integrating all payment channels into one central hub which easily scales out and up. Teams can reduce overhead with automated workflows and 24/7 reporting – ensuring efficiency and compliance at all times.

Key capabilities

  • Unified payment system
  • Channel and device-agnostic
  • Reliable STP rates
  • Real-time processing
  • Scalability to any volume
  • Fully configurable
  • Seamless integration with core banking
  • Deploy on cloud or premises

Bridging our clients to

Higher speed and lower TCO through one hub

Achieve higher speeds and customer satisfaction while driving down total cost of ownership through centralized payment operations with seamless connectivity to all payment railways. With our comprehensive platform, banks can manage their full stack of payment services from a single solution – adding a new level of transparency and cost-optimization. Free up resources with advanced automation and high STP rates. Delivered reliably and at scale through a proven solution.

Navigate ISO20022 and beyond

Easily navigate regional complexities and compliance with inbuilt ISO20022 capability and pre-configured local templates for key operating regions for converting to ISO20022. With regular updates and new features, banks can ensure they offer customers the most up-to-date services across target markets, with compliance as standard. 

Send and receive payments across multiple protocols

Flexible configuration options enabling financial institutions to send and receive data in multiple different payment protocols. Allow secure integration via Web Services and File Transfer, enabling two-way transfers with SWIFT, Host-to-Host, EBICS and Bank Platform connections. Link seamlessly and flexibly to the interfaces you need: core systems, transaction banking and front-end interfaces with instant API connectivity. 

Proven results from hundreds of financial institutions worldwide


reduction in operating costs


reporting capabilities and system uptime

20 million

transactions per day processed

ATB has a world-class Payment Central that enables ATB to offer top tier money movement solutions, move quickly to meet market demands and has the robustness and flexibility needed to ensure our offerings are strong and competitive.

Ryan Rabin, Head of Banking & Payment Products

Key features

Inbound & outbound format conversion

Transform transactions in any external payment formats instantly with both preconfigured templates and customizable implementation through our converter framework.

Enrichment and validation

Enrich and validate payment orders, tailor validations and enrichments to specific countries or customers, while ensuring compliance with the bank’s SLA and accounting system.

Flexible routing optimization

Optimize routing, identifying suitable account management systems, while managing outbound transactions, and detailing forward paths for seamless clearing and settlement.

Streamlined clearing and settlement

Distribute payments seamlessly to internal and external systems based on pre-set rules, including collective batching, queuing, or single transaction posting.

Payment order processing

Deliver straight-through payment processing with comprehensive status management and payment product configuration, with no coding or system change required.

Comprehensive exception handling

Configure system responses to your needs to manage exceptions on a tailored basis, including manual repair, return, or reject.

Account management integration

Connect to account management systems with pre-built integration for SAP Deposits Management or BCA.

End-to-end compliance

Ensure targeted visibility and system integrity, fully compatible with ISO20022 formats.

Our payments solution stands out by offering real-time insights​, seamless integration, and unmatched scalability, elevating your payment processing to new efficiencies.

Mark Weiffenbach, Product Owner – Payments, SAP Fioneer

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