Incentive & Commission Management

Efficient incentive and commission management

The needs and challenges of modern insurance sales are evolving fast. From regulatory shifts to rapid digital transformation, sales teams and managers face an uphill battle. The right sales and commission management can empower your sales team, while keeping operating costs low with efficient automation.

SAP Fioneer’s Incentive and Commission Management (FS-ICM) solution is a strategic foundation for your sales team, making it easy to set up new channels and launch new products, to move with your market and customers.

Key capabilities

  • Efficient setup of complex commission models
  • Management of sales organizations and agents
  • Settlement and payment handling
  • Standardized, platform-agnostic integration
  • Full traceability and auditability
  • Automated, trackable processing

Proven results with the world’s biggest insurance companies


leading insurers worldwide
trust SAP Fioneer


of the top twenty German
insurance companies use FS-ICM


automatization of
commission payments

Built for insurers out of the box

The incentives and commissions management module’s versatility supports a vast library of commission models from day one, including acquisition commission, portfolio commission or bonuses. Built for insurance, we deliver the precise functionality you need out of the box, with no additional development required.

Simplify complex sales hierarchies

Centralize and organize your sales team master data with built-in workflows and automation. With contractual agreements and external structures all held within a single system, firms can easily set up compensation frameworks and control data access at scale. Spend less time on admin and more on revenue optimization.

Manage diverse payments in one system

Incentives and commissions management handles a wide variety of payments, including commissions, flat rates, and guarantees, ensuring financial accuracy and integrity from end-to-end, including offset payments and reporting. This way you can better control outgoings and see a clear, real-time view of transactions.

Built in close cooperation with our insurance clients, our Incentive and Commissions Management solution caters to the specific industry needs, providing a reliable, efficient and comprehensive solution to hundreds of insurance businesses worldwide.

Christoph Riese, Product Owner – Incentive and Commission Management
SAP Fioneer

Key features

Agent master data management

Single source of truth for contractual agreements between the company and the sales intermediary.

Standard agreements and contracts

Centralized contracts maintenance across all sales intermediaries to streamline commission and performance management.

Flexible commission rules

The no-code interface enables business users to set up and amend commission rules quickly, easily and efficiently.

Smart commission calculation

Streamline and error-proof commission calculations with automated processes for full transparency.

Portfolio management

Centralize portfolio management for complete visibility over individual customers and policies for each agent.

Licenses and registrations

Ensure full legitimacy inside and outside of FS-ICM with built-in license and registration management.

Customer-specific setup and enhancements

Customize your setup by enhancing the data model and adding your own logic through user exits and business add-ins.

Reporting and analytics

Access real-time commission data insights through a range of reports and inquiries, for faster, more informed decision-making.

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