Financial Services Data Management

Turn data into consistent insights

In today’s complex banking IT landscapes, fragmented data sources and complex data structures impact TCO (total cost of ownership) and outcomes at all levels. The lack of transparency and accessibility, along with high maintenance costs and the absence of integration capabilities, hinders the effective use of financial, risk and regulatory data.

SAP Fioneer’s Financial Services Data Management (FSDM) was created to solve the data challenges specific to banks. It offers a robust central data management platform designed to integrate, harmonize, and distribute product data and KPIs from various banking systems to analytical solutions for finance, risk and regulatory reporting to unlock value and drive innovation.

Key capabilities

  • One centralized data integration hub
  • Standardized, omni-product data model
  • Intuitive, composable, extensible data platform
  • Simplified, harmonized standard integration
  • Flexible, reusable KPI calculations

Single source of truth

FSDM consolidates fragmented data silos in banks into a central data hub, ensuring streamlined integration and creating a single source of truth. Our consolidated platform enables banking institutions to enhance the quality and consistency of product data, supporting finance, risk, and regulatory reporting capabilities.

Cross product analytics

FSDM was created to handle the specific complexity and diversity of financial products – and serve insights through all lines of business. It provides access and share detailed product data across all verticals, facilitating detailed insights over diverse data domains. With semantically consistent data, FSDM enables cross-product analytics and new data driven insights that drive robust decisions in financial services.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Maximize the return on investment by building further on the state-of-the-art SAP S/4HANA technology platform. Banks can leverage ready-to-use predefined integrations to connect the Financial Services Data Management tool – cutting down implementation time and costs. This allows them to work with an ecosystem of best-of-breed solutions for risk and regulatory reporting, and enhance the internal and external value of their technology investments.

Simplify integration and data harmonization

Enhance visibility with seamless data integration between systems of record and analytical applications, including SAP Fioneer apps and third-party solutions. With reliable connectivity, banks can build efficient end-to-end data flows to manage a wide range of analytical scenarios with full control.

FSDM is the cornerstone of the Accenture TiGital banking-as-a-service platform, enabling our member banks to access integrated and fine granular finance, risk and regulatory reporting data with standardized external and internal reporting and integrated analytical solutions. With FSDM we can offer efficient Run the Bank and Change the Bank processes with a low TCO.

Michael Herrmann, Managing Director, Program Lead IFRA, Accenture TiGital

Key features

Harmonization and data integration

Our harmonization layer enables predefined integration content and a business-driven data model, tailor-made for the banking industry, ensuring data consistency and quality.

Transparency and access

Serving as a single source of truth, FSDM provides end-to-end transparency with full historization and access to granular product data for comprehensive financial, risk, and regulatory reporting across all lines of business.

Reuse of calculation results

FSDM allows for the storage and reuse of analytical calculations, such as those in risk management, to facilitate more efficient reporting for finance, risk and regulatory compliance, and overall business management.

End-to-end data integration

Get moving faster with predefined integration content for SAP Fioneer core banking applications, supporting end-to-end business scenarios based on seamless information flow between operational and analytical systems.

Extensible data model

FSDM offers customers and partners the flexibility to extend the predefined data model and integration content to instantly cater to a range of specific scenarios and reporting requirements.

Leverage the SAP S/4HANA platform

With full deployment on the SAP S/4HANA platform, customers can tap into the tools and experience they already have using SAP products. This means more efficient implementation and lower TCO.

Flexible on-premise or cloud deployment

Deploy on your terms with platform support for on-premise, private cloud and SaaS deployment in-line with the SAP Private Cloud and Business Technology Platform strategy.

Future-proof architecture

Build for the future with FDSM as your data foundation layer. Prepare for ESG, IReF, BIRD requirements and continue to expand your finance, risk and regulatory reporting capabilities with continuous innovations.

Integrating data from multiple sources and siloes to turn it into valuable insights and subsequent actions, represents not only one of the biggest challenges but also one of the biggest opportunities for our finance customers.

Dominik Dietrich Soares, Chief Product Owner – FSDM, SAP Fioneer

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