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Rock-solid core banking made for scale and speed

Times have changed, and banking needs to keep up. Whether for global giants or nimble challengers, our banking platform offers everything banks need to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market. Our platform delivers wide and deep lending, deposits and payments capabilities with multiple cloud deployment options. Innovation with robust security and seamless UX. Designed for efficiency and reliability.

Rely on proven

Our technology has been implemented and proven in the banking space from global banks to challengers. We engineer rock-solid solutions you can rely on to scale, run and grow with you.

Innovation at
your fingertips

Serve customers better, faster and at scale. Quickly spin up innovative business models. Tap into new revenue streams with an array of ready-to-run solutions, cloud services and access to the wider financial ecosystem.


Simplify your technical infrastructure by introducing lean and future-fit standard software. Deploy flexibly – choose a managed, public, private cloud option or create seamless hybrid models.

Better banking, at speed


weeks to launch
a new product

American Bank



French Bank


increase in average
revenue per

Dutch Bank

It’s about seeing the needs of clients today but also the confidence that as new challenges emerge, both in technology and in the economy, that you’re working with a partner that can go on that journey with you.

Tam Holmes, Co-President, Chief Product Officer

A banking platform that’s fast and flexible with less risk


Coverage of end-to-end business processes and lines within one platform. Multiple options for streamlining and outsourcing operations.


Our wide selection of pre-configured solutions are built on decades of experience working with over 1200 financial institutions, now available readily in the cloud.


Match the right deployment model to your IT and business goals. We enable you to deploy fully managed solutions in the cloud, on premise or seamlessly in a hybrid model.

Real-time and

Use real-time event-based data for hyper-personalization and behavioral finances. Give your customers what they need before they even think about it.

​​Tap into

Unlock the endless possibilities through open APIs. Integrate with best-in-class partner solutions and leverage the entire finance and business ecosystem with our OpenCore.

​​360° customer

Create holistic customer experiences by getting a unified view of your customer, combined with real-time, event-based capabilities, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Scale to the
highest volumes

Proven to handle the world’s largest transaction volumes from scale-ups to global banks. Scale flexibly on cloud to ensure seamless operations through demand spikes.

​​Global experts
on the ground

Our global team brings decades of experience and expertise in banking transformation. We ensure that the technology delivers your desired business outcomes.

End-to-end solutions
for banking and insurance

Tap into embedded opportunities

Our platform connects financial institutions with corporates to build frictionless business processes. Leverage pre-built templates and data-driven insights within a SaaS model. 

Featured solutions:

  • Digital trade financing
  • Buy now pay later
  • Embedded payments
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Robust capabilities, simple operations

Tailor your offering with ease with a wide selection of ready-to-run solutions made for retail banking. Create a stellar customer experience, launch innovative products and automate operations – all within one composable platform.

Featured solutions:

  • Omnichannel banking
  • Card management
  • Behavioral banking
  • Global payments
  • Digital currencies

Serving even the most complex banking needs

Cater even to the most complex banking needs of businesses: from SMEs to large global corporations. Tap into a wide selection of end-to-end functionalities complete with self-service capabilities. 

Featured solutions:

  • Commercial lending
  • Credit workplace
  • Syndicated loans
  • Virtual accounts
  • SME banking

Smooth operations end-to-end

Leverage our modern end-to-end platform for asset finance providers – with integrated coverage across origination, contract management, and lease accounting. 

Featured solutions:

  • Vehicle leasing
  • Digital lease origination
  • Contract management
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  • Collateral management
  • Lease accounting

SME banking for modern businesses

SMEs represent a key part of global economies – yet they are highly underserved by their banks. We enable banks to close this gap and serve SMEs with innovative solutions using the latest open and intelligent technology .

Featured solutions:

  • Automated onboarding
  • Ecosystem lending
  • Embedded finance
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  • End-to-end orchestration
  • AI-enabled insights

We bring you the rock-solid technology you can trust with the agility to handle challenges and creativity to leverage new opportunities.

Charlie Platt, Managing Director – Banking, SAP Fioneer

Introducing: Embedded Finance as a Service

The world’s first B2B embedded finance platform provides direct connectivity between financial institutions and corporates through SAP ERP systems. It enables organizations to consolidate all embedded finance solutions in one centralized platform and use templated use cases that can be adapted and deployed rapidly.

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