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Banco Atlántida: Becoming digital end-to-end

Banco Atlántida is the biggest bank in Honduras. David Bueso, EVP of Banco Atlántida talks about their journey to become truly digital, and the earn the title for offering the country’s best corporate online banking. Through their close partnership with SAP Fioneer, and by using S/4HANA Banking Core, they were able to scale their business as the number of users and transactions on their platform grew bigger.

About the company

Industry: Banking
Products in use: S/4HANA Banking Core
No. of employees: 3000

What they do:
With more than a century of existence, Banco Atlántida has been characterized by its leadership in the Honduran financial system, offering international quality products through the most extensive service network in the country.

Today, Banco Atlántida is known to have the best corporate online banking in the country. We cannot fall short of that. I know we will not with SAP Fioneer. 

David Bueso, EVP, Banco Atlántida 

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