Financial services institutions play a critical role in financing the net zero transition and support companies in becoming more sustainable. In this whitepaper “Solving ESG data management challenges”, we explain why FSIs need to act now. We explain how they can start building the necessary technology and data capabilities to ensure compliance. This also means that they can profit from green business opportunities.

This whitepaper is a deep dive into the complex world of managing ESG data in the financial sector. Firstly, we discuss the intricacies of acquiring, organizing, and using ESG data. Additionally, we highlight the critical need for a comprehensive and automated system to manage these tasks effectively. Our solution stands out with its structured methodology, advanced integrated infrastructure, and modularity, all designed to meet the growing demands of ESG compliance. Consequently, by adopting our approach, financial institutions can effectively manage ESG data, ensuring adherence to regulations and opening new avenues for sustainable business growth.

Explore how you can approach ESG data management, sourcing and orchestration from an end-to-end perspective.

Key takeaways:

6 steps to success: Discover how process optimization allows you to tackle data challenges and reach the right level of professionalization.

Infrastructure: See how modular infrastructure enables effective data management and optimal integration.

Principles for orchestration: Find out how an ESG data marketplace, customer data collections, a data management workbench and a flexible ESG Engine can help you.


FSIs need to scale ESG beyond meeting regulatory requirements to portfolio management and capturing ESG-related opportunities. A more holistic and automated approach is required to bring ESG to life.

Maria Patscke, CEO of SAP Fioneer ESG Solutions


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