Under Cover: The SAP Fioneer 2024 insurance buying report

We’re facing a landscape where open APIs, data and advanced technology are reshaping the insurance industry in front of our eyes as connected systems revolutionize how insurers compete and serve.

But what does this mean for consumers and what does the future look like for an ever more complex industry, fielding an ever more complex world?

Our in-depth survey and report ‘Under Cover: The SAP Fioneer 2024 insurance buying report’ explores and analyzes how consumers around the world purchase insurance and interact with their insurers.

Surveying nearly 2,000 consumers across Europe, Asia, and North America, the report explores:

  • The generational shift in insurance buying behavior
  • How tech is changing insurance buying for consumers
  • The insurance products and policies that are reshaping the market
  • The market differences in how consumers engage with insurers
  • How insurers can meet the needs of modern consumers
  • The impact of Insurtechs on the traditional insurance market
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