On-Demand Webinar

B2B Embedded Finance – What You Need to Know

Explore the exciting opportunities in B2B embedded finance through a one-hour webinar led by in-house embedded finance experts Vishal Shah and Dr. Natascha Bell.

Demand for a re-factoring of financial products and services has driven a transformative shift, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and growth via embedding solutions in new and innovative ways in the business lifecycle.

In our webinar you will get a peek into the multi-trillion dollar opportunity and a live demonstration on how you can tap into it today.

Webinar agenda

  • Mega-trends shaping the B2B Embedded Finance ecosystem.
  • B2B Embedded Finance as a paradigm shift in financial services.
  • Key enablers to make B2B Embedded Finance a reality.
  • Identifying and delivering high-potential use cases.
  • Demonstration of a B2B Embedded Finance use case.

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Featured speakers

Vishal Shah
Head of Embedded Finance
SAP Fioneer

Dr. Natascha Bell
Senior Solution Manager
SAP Fioneer