On-Demand Webinar

Transforming Cash Management with Virtual Accounts

In this webinar we are joined by the COO of Avenue Bank, Aymeric Cabuil, in conversation with SAP Fioneer about the experience of building and launching an Australian neobank using today’s technology, at speed, and the unique products Avenue are bringing to market.

Hear about the experience of launching a new bank on today’s technology and the role SAP Fioneer’s solutions play in bringing new banks and new banking products to market.

Webinar agenda

  • The Call for Innovation in Corporate Banking – Examining economic impacts and evolving trends
  • Spotlight on Treasurers – Understanding their challenges in the current landscape
  • Reinventing Cash Management – An exploration of Virtual Account Management (VAM)
  • The VAM Advantage – Uncovering the benefits for both your clients and your banking operations
  • A Look at SAP Fioneers’ Virtual Account Solution – Your key to unlocking the VAM benefits
  • Real-world VAM Applications – Use cases

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Featured speakers

Bradley Jarrett
Managing Director

Wouter Roest
Central Product Owner Global Cash Management

Philipp Bieberstein
Product Owner, Virtual Account Management
SAP Fioneer

Dr. Christoph Rösch
Managing Director, Banking
SAP Fioneer