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Embedded insurance – insurance everywhere

How to adapt and thrive in the new insurance world order

Embedded insurance is projected to reach a value of $3 trillion by 2030. In the second in this series of webinars, arising from our whitepaper ‘Insurance everywhere, all at once’, Nikola Djokic, Managing Director of insurance at SAP Fioneer, interviews Yuri Poletto, Founder of the Open & Embedded Insurance Observatory, to take a deep dive on embedded insurance; where it’s got to, how we see it progressing, and how all sections of the industry can benefit.

You can expect to hear about:

  • Embedded insurance trends and progress globally
  • Creating shared value in different insurance ecosystems
  • Embedded insurance use cases
  • Embedded insurance as a route to market
  • Real world examples
  • Customer as the driver and critical component of embedded insurance
  • Open technology solutions

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Featured speakers

Nikola Djokic
Managing Director – Insurance
SAP Fioneer

Yuri Poletto
Founder – Open & Embedded Insurance Observatory