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Our insurtech ecosystem connects insurtech startups with the biggest insurance companies running on SAP Fioneer’s software, unlocking new opportunities for innovation. Insurers get access to selected, validated, best-in-class and pre-integrated insurtech solutions from our ecosystem, and insurtechs get the opportunity to leverage new ways to market and grow.


Collaborative innovation, accelerated growth

Leverage our network to integrate your solutions with industry leaders, innovating together and expanding your reach. 
  • Integrate your solutions directly with our state-of-the-art core insurance platform
  • Benefit from joint marketing activities
  • Gain access to the largest insurance companies globally
  • Collaborate with us, insurers and other insurtechs
  • Expand your sales channel as our advanced partner

Stay ahead of the curve

Our network of trusted partners helps you stay at the forefront of innovation, while minimizing cost, risk and time to market.

  • Expand your portfolio of solutions through tested, proven and pre-integrated insurtech solutions
  • Launch new products and services fast and stay ahead of the competition
  • Build digital solutions with focus on data insights and customer experience
  • Create rich end-to-end propositions
  • Reduce the cost of innovation with pre-built solutions

You’re in good company

Areas of collaboration

Digital touchpoints for D2C & B2B2C

Embedded insurance

Rating engines

Specialised solutions across lines of business

Telematics use cases

Claims & underwriting related use cases

Health tech

…and many more

Partner of the month


Lumnion develops state-of-the-art AI-based pricing platforms for Property and Casualty and Health Insurance, to prevent the loss of time and money caused by not so accurate risk price modelling with existing systems, cumbersome modelling processes, and inability to use Blackbox machine learning algorithms in the pricing process.

Business focus: AI-based insurance pricing platform

Services: data preparation, risk pricing, modelling, market pricing for insurance

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“We will focus on innovation for the insurance industry, predominantly in the use and joint development of machine learning capabilities in the area of insurance pricing. We believe this partnership gives us the opportunity to serve the market with holistic and innovative services based on the global SAP network and technology.”

Cenk Tabakoglu, CEO, Lumnion

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