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cloud banking platform

In today’s dynamic market, staying still is not an option. Banks need to embrace speed, efficiency, and adaptability in the face of evolving customer needs.

Cloud for Banking is built for change, helping banks meet new demands with a compliant, stable, and secure platform. Combining rapid time-to-market with industry-best TCO, you can quickly test, build and scale new products with flexible banking processes designed to help you move fast, capture market share and delight customers.

Technology that delivers


digital end-to-end processes

<1 week

to launch a banking product


reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)

The cloud advantage

Delivering the lowest TCO

Rely on our expertise in both banking and financial reporting. Cloud for Banking delivers clarity and control in the face of growing complexity and regulations. We deliver simplicity, traceability, data quality, and a high degree of efficiency to offer the lowest possible TCO on the market. Leverage flexible deployment models which match your needs – on private or hybrid cloud or on prem fully managed by our team.

Superior user experience

Empower your team and customers with best-in-class UX design and UI technology, through responsive design running on every device. Our in-memory database technology uses real-time analytical insights, predictive analytics, and machine learning to open new possibilities in behavioral banking and intelligent financial services – keeping you ahead of the game.

Tap into the ecosystem

Offer holistic services where your customers need them, integrating securely with existing ecosystems, or building your own to meet the changing expectations of your digital-age customers and create new business models. Tap into the vast array of templates in Fioneer’s portfolio or connect flexibly with third parties.

Sustainable, scalable business operations

Make your business sustainable – both financially and environmentally. Scale flexibly on the cloud – while only paying for what you actually use. Our solutions are proven on projects to handle even the highest transaction volumes. We also strive to run our workloads in the most efficient way, leading to the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

We run the SAP Fioneer technology stack end to end across all applications. Most notably is our core banking stack. SAP Fioneer represents quality, reliability and scalability, which will enable us to meet our goals.

Charlotte Bullock, Group Director of Banking-as-a-Service, The Bank of London

Sophisticated solution portfolio

Easily manage deposits, account opening, onboarding and data management with pre-configured tools for rapid, in-depth service and compliance. Leverage fully digital onboarding of new customers, including identity verification and document processing.

Expand your services with automated loan origination, offering diverse loan products adapting to market needs and quickly evaluating applications with integrated data sources.

Our mortgage solution increases efficiencies end-to-end: from data assimilation and automating decision making to expediting issuance through automation. All of this served on an intuitive interface for employees and customers.

Streamline your leasing operations from application to delivery. Offer various leasing options with data integration for evaluations. Enables market responsive customization and multi-option functionality.

Issue and manage cards easily and efficiently with real-time account management capabilities. Our card management solution fully integrates with our core services, as well as external networks like Visa and Mastercard.

Combine diverse payment services and networks to create a seamless transaction service. Our solution ensures regulatory compliance, allows real-time tracking and adaptable market-responsive customization.

Offer a fully compliant cryptocurrency wallet to your customers within your bank. Our solution comes pre-integrates with various blockchain networks, supports real-time tracking and compliance needs, in one user-friendly interface.

Deliver consistent services across online, mobile and other channels, fully integrated with our core systems and external data sources. Speed up development using pre-configured user interfaces which are fully customizable to your needs and brand, infrastructure with UI.

Ensure efficient and cost-effective compliance through our AML & KYC solution. Leverage various data sources for accurate risk assessment, real-time compliance status tracking and stay on top of regulatory changes.

Enhance customer engagement and retention with integrated incentives, bringing together core and CRM systems for real-time reward tracking.

Improve financial and compliance transparency with our pre-integrated solutions. Adapt to accounting standards and changing regulations as you expand with ease. Track real-time financial performance and reporting metrics across the entire organization.

Integrate ESG-principles into the heart of your business. Rely on our pre-configured data model based on a flexible data dictionary, allowing for rapid extensions of business transactions with ESG-relevant attributes.

Banks need the right tools and a partner who knows how to reach their goals: speed, scale, customer satisfaction and low TCO. This is what our team delivers with Cloud for Banking.

Marcin Krawiec, Managing Director – Banking, SAP Fioneer

Why us?

Innovative and future-proof

With our SaaS model, continuous innovation is a given. Our system is designed to accommodate industry trends and emerging technologies, making it a future-ready solution that sets you apart in a competitive market

End-to-end automated processes

Cloud for Banking offers unmatched functionality with pre-configured straight-through processes – from UX to accounting. We streamline banking operations and financial management – so you can focus on creating strategic value instead.

​Multi-currency, language and GAAP

Cloud for Banking supports multiple currencies and easy currency conversions. Ledgers can be run in multiple currencies and following multiple accounting standards in parallel. The platform can be used in any login language, including right-to-left support.

User-centric digital experiences

We provide an exceptional digital experience for both customers and bank employees. Cloud for Banking enhance employee satisfaction and productivity by automating manual tasks and enabling secure remote working.

Complete compliance and security

We put security and risk first, bringing experience in building proven and reliable solutions in hundreds of financial institutions worldwide.

Real-time insights and personalization

Adapt and grow in real-time, with an event-driven architecture, built-in data analytics, predictive libraries and machine learning and instant personalization.

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