Credit Workplace: Asset-based lending

Next generation processes for real estate lending

In today’s economic landscape, commercial lenders face significant challenges. Braving high pressures on margins, lenders need to react quickly to market changes while keeping day-to-day operations efficient and scalable. Both are made more difficult by existing structural problems: fragmented and sometimes poorly integrated IT landscapes, paper-based processes and redundant data inputs.  

Introducing the Credit Workplace – the next generation end-to-end solution for commercial real estate lending. Our platform ensures a single source of truth for your data, standardizes processes, and offers a holistic view on your deals, assets, and business partners. With seamless integration into the backend systems, the Credit Workplace enables the automation of numerous tasks throughout the entire credit process. This results in higher transparency, lower exposure to risks, and last but not least, lower operating costs. 

Key results

> 20%

efficiency gain


source of truth for all data


reduction of manual data handling

Access economies of scale

Credit Workplace realizes significant efficiencies across two dimensions. It integrates front-to-back with position keeping systems, creating a single foundation for data and processes. Simultaneously, it covers capabilities end-to-end from origination, through credit operations and risk management. For lenders this provides a solid and unified foundation to manage the entire lending lifecycle and increase efficiencies by at least 20%. These gains multiply as the portfolio grows – allowing lenders to increase their loan volume without impacting operating costs or risk exposure.

Rely on a single source of truth

Credit Workplace provides a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for all data – eliminating inconsistencies and ensuring data integrity across the entire process including origination, underwriting, property monitoring and analysis, and credit risk management. This means a reliable foundation for compliance, risk management and comprehensive data analysis.

Streamline decision- and task allocation

Leverage the built-in event- and task-based logic for a clear division of labor and fully transparent workflows across multiple functions. Replace traditional paper-based decision-making processes with interactive decision papers that are automatically fed with data and routed forward throughout the decision and approval process. Access a readily available view of task allocation across employees, deal statuses and pending issues – making collaboration more efficient in your teams.

Leverage automation and AI

Access automation capabilities to streamline workflows such as document reviews, uploading and processing of tenant lists, continuous monitoring of values or KPIs. Fulfill regulatory requirements, such as need-to-know principles or audit logs, without any or minimal effort. Furthermore, the high-quality data foundation of the Credit Workplace opens the door to incorporating future AI-applications for further process optimization.

Stay on top of market changes

Credit Workplace allows direct integration of external data sources for efficient market analysis and property performance. Automate the monitoring of your assets to ensure continuous value optimization and recognize changing market and risk conditions quickly to adapt your strategy efficiently.

The Credit Workplace has truly met our expectations. The result of the co-innovation has significantly improved our entire credit processes. I can already see the efficiency gains for the bank.

Michael Spiegel, Managing Director Digitalization and Operations

Highlighted features

Smart & interactive decision process

Intelligent, guided decision process that collates all documents and data in a single interactive paper. This provides an audit-proof, transparent and efficient foundation for decision making, with the possibility of integrating further AI-elements.

Workflow and task automation

Credit Workplace provides highly automated workflows and task management, built on industry best practices. Repetitive tasks, such as routine checks, reports and manual data uploads are replaced with smart processes and centralized, consistent data.

Property tracking & monitoring

Granular property data is collated and appropriately structured in one place, including insurance, tenancy and valuation appraisals. Data can be compared to market performance and managed flexibly in sub-portfolios. Standard and custom KPIs and property values are automatically monitored.

Risk &
regulatory processes

Pre-configured capabilities available for standard regulatory, risk and credit processes and KPI monitoring– allowing the team to complete these requirements in a few hours using high-quality reliable data.

Third-party integrations

Open system architecture and RESTful APIs allow easy integration with 3rd party applications & external data providers. Pre-configured connectors available to all SAP and SAP Fioneer products.

Tenancy handling

Efficient handling of tenancy data using intelligent automation, including all tenant and contract information with automated tracking of key tenancy events. Integration with external data allows for monitoring of market dynamics and performance tracking.

Built-in compliance

Credit Workplace has built-in compliance capabilities, such as need-to-know principles, data protection standards and easy user management. Rights and roles can be easily managed and automatically adapt in case of changes.

KPI management

Standard and custom KPIs can be defined and monitored on multiple levels. This guarantees maximized transparency on portfolio performance and risks associated with any risk-bearing components: customers, tenants, properties, and markets.

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