End-to-end solutions that cover all your business needs.

Our end-to-end solutions cover the treasury systems, core banking and insurance processes, as well as embedded finance for both you and your customers to become truly cloud native – and stay compliant, competitive, and profitable at the same time.

  • Finance and risk management
  • Digital and core banking
  • Digital and core insurance
  • Commercial lending
  • Sustainable finance platform (ESG)
  • Embedded financial solutions
  • Advisory, implementation and support
  • Co-innovation

Our platforms

The financial services industry is becoming ever more complex – new technologies, new regulations and new business models. In this speed of change, you need a solution which can keep up the pace.

This is why the SAP Fioneer platforms offer robust, pre-integrated end-to-end services tailored to your business’ needs. Take advantage of our OpenCore system for easy implementation and configuration, using agile standard solutions powered by the cloud.

Launch something new today with our Banking, Insurance and Finance & ESG platforms.

Our underlying technology

SAP Fioneer is built on SAP heritage. We accelerate your business’ transformation with financial institution-grade, battle-tested solutions, powered by SAP’s long-standing and proven technology. 

How we work

Co-innovate with us

Supercharge your innovation project with SAP Fioneer’s proven expertise in building financial technology solutions. Through co-innovation we can design and launch a tailor-made standard solution to your specific customer and market needs. Share the opportunity, investment and the future of financial services with us.

Embedded finance

Pioneer brand new channels of growth with embedded finance solutions. Reach customers where and when it’s most convenient for them by seamlessly embedding your services into existing supply chains.

Get your technology ready to offer integrated, tailored financial services and tap into the true value of the SAP ecosystem.

We’re here to help you conquer this new frontier.

Move to the cloud

Our solutions allow you to move your core banking and insurance operations to the cloud with SAP Business Technology Platform, which grows with your business. Start with what you need and scale up at your own pace, with managed or self-managed deployments.

Our services

With SAP Fioneer, you don’t just rely on a resilient, scalable and future-ready software solution, we take you on a rock-solid journey to navigate the complexity of today’s ecosystems. From advisory to support and implementation, the SAP Fioneer team is more than a vendor but a partner, advisor and helping hand on your side – with skin in the game.

We work with you to find the right software solutions, and then guide you through the rollout, sharing all we’ve learned from thousands of successful implementations. We’ll get you up and running, and let you focus on your core business – with the opportunity to co-create tailored solutions just for you on the way!


We help you define what you need from your tech stack, designing the optimal approach
to digital transformation, cloud adoption
and long-term innovation.


We’re there to guide you from discovery to go-live, helping you every step of the way to develop and build exceptional solutions for financial services.

Implementation services

Combining expertise and best practices, we help you to accelerate your implementation, migration and adoption of SAP Fioneer solutions – getting you to value faster.

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