Our products and services fully focus on accelerated innovation in banking, insurance and solutions specific to the financial services industry. We enable our customers to innovate and transform their business by meeting the needs for digital innovation and cost efficiency in financial services.



Reach more customers and achieve new levels of trust with a real-time intelligent enterprise and integrated financial insight and risk control using SAP Fioneer solutions for banking.


Pursue new digital business models and improve and protect your customers’ health, property, and business with insurance solutions from SAP Fioneer.


Bank management

Providing banks globally with the leading integrated CFO platform covering accounting, controlling, credit risk and data management. Our platform provides the best business insight based on robust data where it matters most.

Insurance finance

Insurance companies need to adapt to changes in accounting regulations regularly. We offer the best finance platform to cover new accounting standards like IFRS 17 or LDTI.

Commercial lending

Build flexible lending operations with our Loans Management and Collateral Management solutions. Our vision is to provide a full end-2-end solution for the commercial lending business, covering origination to distribution, credit risk management and credit operations.

Digital and core banking

SAP Fioneer digital and core banking enables high-performance and cost-efficient processing for financial transactions and supports the development and introduction of new products and services enabling rapid digital innovation driven by the business.

Digital and core insurance

SAP Fioneer digital and core insurance solutions provide the advanced policy, product, quotation, underwriting, claims, and billing, as well as incentive and commission management functionalities insurers need to improve efficiency, and customer loyalty.


We support our customers in making their transition fast, easy, and efficient. For us, it is all about getting your systems up and running and keeping them running at peak performance.

Business essentials

You receive delivery and installation of services from SAP Fioneer from an off-site location rather than on-site.


Our intelligent, next-generation software innovations are tailored to meet your specific business demands, allowing you to truly differentiate your company and bring innovation to life.


You get the advice you need to choose the optimal approach to digital transformation, cloud adoption, and long-term innovation.


Our combination of unique expertise and best practices allows you to accelerate the implementation, migration, and adoption of solutions from SAP Fioneer.


We help you move your on-premise solutions to the cloud with guided support plans – helping your business adapt and ensure high-performing solutions.


Our services allow you to create value for your organization and customers.