SME Banking Edition

SME banking that moves at the speed of modern businesses

SMEs are a vital, yet underserved segment, constituting a major share of global GDP and employment. With 36% of them considering a shift away from their banking providers, banks that adapt to their evolving needs have an immense opportunity to grow.

Fioneer’s SME Banking Edition empowers banks to seize this moment and provide tailored financial services to SMEs at scale. By leveraging our robust and market-proven technology, banks can rapidly launch flexible, competitive SME products and -beyond banking services. This enables them to foster trusted, long-term relationships with SMEs and help them in growing their business.

Tangible impact delivered through proven technology

6 to 9

months to build a
new SME bank


end-to-end process


readily available
open API connections

Embrace the SME banking opportunity

Out-of-the-box SME banking and beyond-banking capabilities

Leverage Fioneer’s end-to-end platform with pre-configured, easily customizable (low-code/no-code) products and processes across frontend, orchestration and core banking to attract, retain and grow SME banking customers. Introduce beyond banking by offering auxiliary services, like invoicing, to become a one-stop-shop for your customers.

Modern, open technology and integrated ecosystem

Create a comprehensive solution by tapping into the fintech and wider tech ecosystem. Connect with expert third-party services and trusted external data sources via our 3000+ open APIs. Leverage modern technologies, like Artificial Intelligence including Machine Learning, to enable predictive banking with cashflow forecasting and hyper-personalized product recommendations.

Tailored delivery including Software-as-a-Service

Scale your SME offering flexibly and efficiently. We offer full flexibility with a range of deployment options; be it on premise, public hyperscalers or private cloud. Or opt for a fully managed solution through our Software-as-a-Service offering. This means that you can launch a fully operational digital SME bank in just 3 to 6 months with minimal resources.

Artificial intelligence opens a new frontier in SME banking. It increases efficiencies for banks with smart personalized services, while driving down costs.

Thomas Becher, Head of SME Banking, SAP Fioneer

Key features

Intuitive UI for staff and customers

Deliver smooth experiences for your customers and staff that drive conversion. We provide intuitive and responsive UI across all channels that comes with simple no-code configuration options.

End-to-end orchestration

Maximize customer experience and internal efficiency with a library of pre-configured but easy to tailor, fully automated workflows and business processes.

Powerful, reliable and flexible core banking

Leverage Fioneer’s industry-leading core banking software, providing banks of any size with tier-1-grade performance. Rely on proven technology that scales and expands flexibly in line with operational requirements.

AI- and ML-enabled real-time insights

Built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities support your team and customers with real-time analytics, automated decisioning and predictive analysis.

Automated digital customer onboarding

Offer customers swift, fully digital onboarding supported by instant screening processes and data integrations to accounting services and central registries. Benefit from improved data quality, reduced workloads and better risk management.

Integrated smart funding options

Provide SMEs with the right funding as and when they need it. Fioneer’s configurable decision engine enables instant, flexible loan decisioning across term loans, working capital solutions, receivable or invoice financing and more.

Ready for ecosystem lending 

Establish alternative lending offers, fully integrated into any type of marketplace. Leverage the SME Banking Edition’s modularity to build or integrate scoring enginges that leverage alternative data such as marketplace data on SMEs and their customers.

Embedded finance-enabled

Leverage Fioneer’s Embedded Finance as a Service solution to offer new customer-centric embedded services to your SME customers, like Purchase Order Finance at point of sale.

Why us?

Get more than a software license. At SAP Fioneer we build deep partnerships with our customers and enable them with technology that puts them on a sustainable trajectory to growth.

Robust, trusted and scaleable technology

Our technology powers innovative challengers and leading financial institutions, delivering proven performance and reliability even at the highest transaction volumes.

Decades of expertise in a modern setting

We empower our customers with accumulated insights from delivering hundreds of technology projects in banks worldwide. We built banks, both as bankers and as technologists, so we know exactly what you need to succeed.

Rapid launch to market

Our vast library of pre-configured SME banking solutions cover all functions from front to back-end, creating one efficient and high-performing technology stack. This allows for unprecedented time-to-market, giving you an edge over the competition.

Stay at the forefront of innovation

With Fioneer you can leverage continuous updates, extended capabilities and the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, while keeping your TCO (total cost of ownership) low.



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