Claims Management

Streamline the end-to-end claims management journey

Insurance, assurance, and social welfare organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver precise, customer-centric claims processes while guaranteeing data security and privacy. With claims acting as the focal point for insurer value, solutions must deliver reliable and seamless orchestration for a wide range of processes and stakeholders. All of this can only be enabled by incorporating advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation that revolutionize claims processes.

The Claims Management solution, based on SAP S/4HANA,  introduces these modern functionalities to streamline the entire claims management journey with robust data controls, in-depth visibility and connected decision-making to ensure insurers and assurers can meet the customer requirements with accuracy, efficiency and compliance.

Key capabilities

  • Fully configurable framework
  • AI-ready rule engine
  • Out-of-the-box business processes
  • High throughput and automation
  • Modern user interface
  • Cloud hosting
  • Extensible technology

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automated claim

How it works

Augmented agent capabilities

Claims management empowers the claims handlers with the tools to provide exceptional service, integrating external data sources, AI-capabilities and built-in verification and reporting capabilities. Advanced automation minimizes manual document management, enabling agenda to focus on customer care and resolving claims quickly.

Full ecosystem connectivity

Our platform can easily integrate a wide range of services and technologies to facilitate a seamless experience – both within the extensive SAP Fioneer portfolio and third parties. Secure APIs deliver real-time data to and from external partners to allowing insurers to leverage the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and automation with ease.

AI-ready rule engine

Built on the robust event-driven S4/HANA database, claims management is well-equipped to adopt the latest AI-driven innovations. With a clear and efficient data-structure and event-driven rule sets, the platform can quickly validate coverage and fraud potential to scale claims management while reducing risk. This, and other AI-applications, enable better decision making and the possibility to quickly adopt the technologies needed to serve more customers better, faster and safer.

Reduced TCO

By streamlining claims administration, Claims Management enables departments to focus on their core activities. With reliable automation and pre-configured business processes, specialist teams can expedite high-volume, low value claims to focus on complex cases and strategic improvements, while reducing the burden on IT-teams with decreased configuration needs.

With its framework, Claims Management (FS-CM) is the most flexible claims system in the world and at the same time supports clerk processes and mass processing with contemporary performance.

Tobias Witt, Product Owner – Claims Management, SAP Fioneer

Key features

Integrate and leverage the latest AI tools to enhance precision and efficiency within your claims processes.

Connect seamlessly with various SAP components, enhancing interoperability and data consistency.

Easily adapt the system to your specific process requirements without compromising on industry best practices.

Enhance security and usability with customized access and functionality based on user roles.

Provides immediate updates on claim status, enhancing transparency and trust with customers.

Leverage powerful analytics and reporting to access insights, forecast trends, and enhance decision-making.

Business users can easily modify rules and processes without the need for IT resources.

Access a wide array of APIs for extending functionality and integrating with external systems.

Manage payments to suit your customers needs through a range of systems.

Engage with customers on the channels that suit them, for faster, more effective communication.

Our Business Data Toolset enables you with a low-code approach to create new views or change standard ones by configuration.

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