Core modernization for subsidiary banks

Supporting subsidiary banks to exploit their potential with a modern core

Subsidiaries often find themselves in no-man’s land: striving for innovation and agility to compete with neobanks but held back by their legacy infrastructure that’s costly and too complex for their needs.

SAP Fioneer’s Cloud for Banking Platform is the end-to-end solution providing the flexibility and efficiency subsidiary banks need to be successful on their digital transformation journey. The modern, composable platform makes integration with third-party ecosystems simple while pre-configured and auto-updated compliance and business functions allow for scale without compromise.

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Budgets and growth are notoriously hard to balance and manage, but SAP Fioneer’s Cloud for Banking offers the flexibility, robustness and ease-of-use that subsidiaries need but often lack.

Valmina Prezani, Head of Retail Banking, SAP Fioneer

Results from major subsidiary banks around the globe


reduction in time-to-market
for new products


higher digital


bank in customer

Get to market within months

We’re specialists in setting up fully digital banks within three months, including mass-migrations that involve minimal downtime. As innovation and fast implementation are constantly in high demand, deliver unique products that differentiate your brand and audience from the rest.

Reduce costs and stay flexible as your needs evolve

Immediately lower capital and operational expenditure costs with our cloud-based subscription model. Scale your infrastructure as you evolve and innovate while keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) low to focus on group performance, growth and your local customers.

Navigate new markets with precision and efficiency

With SAP Fioneer’s global coverage and seamless integration with local partners, our platform ensures you meet local demands and regulatory standards effortlessly. Choose a solution that not only supports your expansion but enhances your operational efficiency and compliance in new markets.

Vast choice of capabilities for every business need

Real-time data and analytics

Use advanced analytics coupled with AI to develop unique lending and savings products that balance profitability and risk.

Future-proof architecture

Experience streamlined, best-in-class banking operations with open-core technology and guaranteed uptime.

Cloud-agnostic deployment

Flexible deployment options suitable for on-premise and various cloud environments, ensuring adaptability and scalability.

In-depth functional coverage

Comprehensive solutions for deposits, lending, payments, and cards, meeting out of the box business requirements. New functionalities at your fingertips, with easy integration to third parties.

Event-streaming capabilities

Leverage real-time data processing for enhanced operational agility, parent bank liquidity insights and customer responsiveness.

Fast, low risk implementation

Minimize dependence on custom development, enabling quicker and safer deployment of banking services. Our Path to SaaS methodology is your guide to modernisation.

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