B2B Embedded Finance – webinar

Unleash the potential of an emerging digital financial ecosystem

Explore the exciting opportunities in B2B embedded finance through the webinar led by in-house embedded finance experts Vishal Shah and Dr. Natascha Bell.

Demand for a re-factoring of financial products and services has driven a transformative shift, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and growth via embedding solutions in new and innovative ways in the business lifecycle. In our webinar you will get a peek into the multi-trillion dollar opportunity and a live demonstration on how you can tap into it today.

Join us for an exciting discussion on our live webinar on the 20th June 2023.

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AM session at 8.30 AM CET:

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Webinar agenda

  1. Mega-trends shaping the B2B Embedded Finance ecosystem.
  2. B2B Embedded Finance as a paradigm shift in financial services.
  3. Key enablers to make B2B Embedded Finance a reality.
  4. Identifying and delivering high-potential use cases.
  5. Demonstration of a B2B Embedded Finance use case.

Key takeaways

Understand the role of various actors within the B2B Embedded Finance ecosystem.

Gain insights into relevant use cases and learn how to deliver them effectively.

Challenge conventional thinking and grasp the core value proposition of Embedded Finance.

See a live demonstration of how Embedded Finance facilitates B2B transactions within a company’s natural habitat.

Pioneer B2B embedded finance opportunities

Find out more about the potential use cases, operational strategy and how you can tap into the B2B embedded finance opportunity on our webinars on the 20th of June – AM session at 8.30 AM or and a PM session at 4 PM CET.

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