Introducing the SAP Fioneer Women’s Network

This year on International Women’s Day we kicked off our SAP Fioneer Women’s Network, to offer a platform to any Fioneer globally who wants to play a role in fostering and promoting diversity and inclusion in our company and the wider industry.

The kick-off event for the network took place across two sessions, featuring inspiring talks from Aizhen Chen, Head of Strategy at Conexxia in Australia, Malin Liden, Vice President Field Marketing at SAP, as well as Erik Lüngen, Chief Technology Officer at SAP Fioneer.

Aizhen Chen shared with us her heartening story of growing up in a small town in the Netherlands, taking a risk to move to Sydney, the struggles she faced with her career during her pregnancy, how she navigated through the biases she faced along the way, and how she reinvented herself when change was at her doorstep.

Malin Liden shared the wisdom she collected throughout her personal and professional life, and gave us the advice she wishes she had gotten at 25. She talked about how to set yourself up for long term success through the ups and downs, and how to thrive in an environment of constant change.

Erik Lüngen talked about the dimensions of diversity, what it means to be inclusive, how gender biases affect people in today’s world and in the workplace, and how we can support each other in breaking these biases.

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