Looking back: SAP & SAP Fioneer Financial Services Forum 2022


One of our absolute biggest highlights from 2022 was the SAP & SAP Fioneer Financial Services Forum in Amsterdam. 478 experts from all over the world came together for three days in July to talk about the trends, challenges and the future of the industry. We heard 27 keynote speeches, 3 panel discussions and 7 workshops – and countless conversations over various drinks. We uncovered the opportunities in partnership and discovered new ways to jointly reshape the future of financial services.

Among many other things we discussed:

  • How fintechs and insurtechs are shaping new types of offerings and service-centric revenue streams with embedded finance and embedded insurance
  • How sustainable business practices can drive change for the better in the financial services industry
  • How ecosystems and platforms are evolving the new business models
  • What to expect in the future of financial services from mobile wallets and digital currencies to new behavioral approaches to banking

What’s next

And we are beyond excited to come together once again in Boston, 8-9 March 2023 for the first ever SAP & SAP Fioneer Financial Services Forum Americas!

We are currently in the process of confirming two days’ worth of deep dive workshops, inspiring keynotes and exclusive customer case studies. You can also expect an array of interactive sessions such as panel discussions and customer round tables to ensure you get your questions answered. So register now to save your spot!

Watch the video for a flashback to July.


It’s a fantastic event.

I’m blown away by the energy I see in the room. It’s been so exciting to see the discussions between our customers amongst themselves, with partners, with SAP. A lot of great debates and we had a number of really fantastic sessions.

I think we have seen two days full of excitement, great announcement and the forum was a big success.

Our customers are very interested in learning more about our strategy with SAP and SAP Fioneer, how we are investing in the future of financial services.

A key message is that financial services providers need to take care of three things. Number one is business transformation. First, they have to move to the cloud. The second piece is business networks, and the third one is sustainability. Lastly, I believe we can all agree that planet and profit has to come together. Financial service has to contribute their fair share.

Customers, but also partners came to the event also to learn about the launch of SAP Fioneer, the next generation financial services solutions, a platform, that is inclusive, efficient, future-fit and actually open and embracing all our customers, prospects, and partners.

We had some absolutely outstanding customer presentations. I want to highlight, especially also our customers from our advisory council who’ve gone to great lengths in presenting their successes and wonderful contributions from our partners as well.

I moderated the session with The Bank of London. That was clearly to me a very interesting interview because you can see how a new business model, a new idea actually comes to life based on our Cloud for Banking solution, so that was fascinating.

SAP and SAP Fioneer are shaping the future for financial services

And we would like to invite all of you to jointly define the future of financial services.

Be sure to join our next SAP FSI Forum and be part of the innovation experience.


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