Nürnberger Insurance: getting future ready


Heinrich Fritzlar, Vice President of Application Development at Nürnberger Insurance talks about using SAP Fioneer’s technology to advance their commissions, to become 30% more efficient by offering a better experience to their agents and free brokers through self-service.

Together, we are setting future standards by customizing our cloud solutions to fit into Nürnberger Insurance’s technical environment and their individual needs and requirements.

“We want to go for the standard but we need individual changes and features: this is…[why it’s] perfect to work …with SAP Fioneer.”

— Heinrich Fritzlar, Nürnberger Insurance



The future of insurance is decided by good products and good technology.
You need a partner who is familiar with both worlds and who can excel in both worlds.
And this is what SAP Fioneer is doing. My name is Heinrich Fritzlar. I’m from Nürnberger Insurance company.
It’s a very old company. It has been established in 1884 by Count Faber-Castell, very visionary guy, and this visionary spirit is still within the Nürnberger.
Selling insurance has become more challenging because the expectations of customers have changed.
They now know how easy it is in the internet to buy something, and selling and buying an insurance product is much more complex.
And we see here technology as the key to make it easier.
With SAP Fioneer we are working together in the area of commissions.
And Nuremberg insurance company is a sales driven company.
This is done by our agents and by free brokers.
And we consider them like customers and we want to offer them best information about their sales process and the best about the commissions, what they earned.
And we want to switch that to self-service.
We are really jumping into the cloud and the challenge is whether it works in our technical environment, whether it works from the regulatory perspective, whether it works in the sense of what is standard in the cloud.
We want to go for the standard, but we need individual changes and individual features.
This is why it’s perfect to work together with SAP Fioneer because they say, “OK, this is maybe a future part of the standard.”
We are calculating with an efficiency gain of 30% because of self-service, because of the people don’t have to ask in the IT department “Give me that report.”
We are starting the journey, we have now the first cloud solutions. The next steps we are looking at is what is the next platform we have to be on.
Or for example, what else in the environment of SAP Fioneer products can help us to assist what we already have?
And how does that fit all together to make better services?
You as a customer, you will experience a lot more internet based solutions where you can buy with one click or where you have additional services like in the health area.
So to become more the health provider than the insurance company.
We started with SAP Fioneer in the commission area.
It is very important to have a partner who understands our business, especially the insurance business, because commission handling and agent handling is a strategic key to steer the business.


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