The challenge of sustainable sustainability: Accelerating ESG transformation

Over the last few years, ESG transformation (Environmental, Social and Governance) has become an important theme for banks across the world. Banks face increasing pressure to embrace ESG principles from other stakeholders. Investors are attracted by the growth opportunities of ESG as a way for banks to preserve their long-term value. In the meantime, customers and employees demand higher standards of the company’s operations.

However, meeting the rising – and sometimes conflicting – expectations of stakeholders is quickly becoming a major challenge. While banks are increasingly successful at measuring and managing their own emissions, many firms struggle to gauge the emissions produced by portfolio assets and operate efficiently in accordance with clearly defined sustainability goals.

In our whitepaper, we explore the ESG requirement that banks need to meet and the main challenges they experience when integrating ESG principles into various business areas. We also explore what banks can do to tackle ESG challenges and how SAP Fioneer can accelerate your ESG transformation.

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