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Turning Compliance Into Competitive Advantage

Stay on top of the evolving landscape, accelerate transformation and learn how to turn compliance into a competitive advantage!

Gain insights into a comprehensive approach and integrated architecture which leverages regulatory initiatives to deliver a finance transformation that drives business insight and value.

Webinar agenda

  • Why a subledger approach is the best way to deliver a single source of financial truth
  • How the SAP and SAP Fioneer approach mitigates the complexities of accounting for financial products now and into the future
  • How a subledger solution can take you beyond compliance and accelerate finance transformation
  • Managing statutory, management and regulatory accounting as well as forecasting, planning and simulation in a single platform

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Featured speakers

Jamey Whitnall
Partner, Financial Services

Andrew Berry
Director, Risk Advisory

Frank Hammann
Global Head, Bank Management
SAP Fioneer

Charlie Platt
President EMEA
SAP Fioneer