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Business Potential Beyond Reporting

How to leverage ESG data through transparency

While many view ESG as a cumbersome necessity for compliance, real innovators see the growth potential in leveraging ESG portfolio data.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a detailed understanding of the financed emissions, a forward-looking view, and dynamic tracking at the customer level can avoid misreporting, greenwashing, mitigating risk, and engage customers at a deeper and more sustainable level.

Webinar agenda

  • Risk and potential: Why proactivity matters in ESG
  • Financed emissions: Key pillars of an effective approach to data management
  • Buy vs. Build: The benefits of FSI specific integrated standard software
  • Demo: ESG KPI Engine
  • Q&A

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Featured speakers

Sven Ludwig
Partner, Lead Sustainability and Lead Strategic Initiatives
EY ifb

Stefan Malchow
Solution Architect – ESG Solutions
SAP Fioneer

Maria Patschke
CEO of ESG Solutions
SAP Fioneer