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CSRD for banks and insurers

Mastering mandatory sustainability disclosure requirements for portfolios

With CSRD, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, the European Union increases the pressure on financial institutions in Europe: For the first time, they will be legally required to include reliable and auditable sustainability data alongside financial information in their annual reports.

This is easier said than done and leaves many financial institutions facing challenges on how to navigate the complexities of integrating sustainability data into annual reports, ensuring reliability, auditability, and efficiency.

Join our experts as we dive deep into the nuances of CSRD sustainability disclosures, the unique hurdles banks and insurers encounter and how to overcome them leveraging a solid ESG data and tech-foundation.

Webinar agenda

  • Regulatory landscape in Europe: Get an overview on different regulatory guidelines on sustainability, their interdependence and the underlying timeline
  • Understanding CSRD Essentials: Explore the fundamental requirements of CSRD and how to tackle double materiality assessments
  • Navigating Sector-Specific Challenges: Learn strategies to overcome the lack of sector-specific guidance and adapt reporting frameworks accordingly.
  • Quantitative disclosure requirements: Gain insight on how to establish a centralized and streamlined approach to ESG data management
  • Ensuring Auditable Sustainability Reporting: Discover requirements for software solutions to ensure sustainability data is audit-ready and reliable

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Featured speakers

Stefan Malchow
Solution Architect – ESG Solutions
SAP Fioneer

Maria Patschke
SAP Fioneer ESG Solutions