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Delivering insights, efficiency and speed to the CFO’s office

In a volatile, fast-changing market, success in banking requires the ability to make decisions quickly, based on accurate, real-time data. CFOs need robust predictive models and strong scenario analysis capabilities to understand the impact of regulations, world events and new commercial conditions on their bottom line.

SAP Fioneer equips banks with tools to drive comprehensive control, rapid insights, and smooth interplay between operations and finance to enable true agility and resilience.

Empowering change and performance

Drive decisions with reliable, real-time data

Leverage granular visibility across your organization to manage your organization in real-time. With automated reconciliation between operations and finance, CFOs can leverage cross-team insights to create agile strategies and maintain progress towards long-term growth.

Build efficient, agile strategies

Adapt faster to new regulation, customer preferences and market shifts with in-depth analytics and control. Our software provides continuous updates, helping you efficiently revise strategy and adapt to shifts faster and at a lower cost.

Take the lead in transformation

Build a strategy-focused organization, reducing manual work and prioritizing value. Our standardized solutions enable you to cut the cost of compliance, allowing your team to focus on strategic transformation rather than routine tasks.

Find the opportunity in ESG

Create consistent reporting metrics and frameworks to drive scalable, measurable ESG improvements across your portfolio. Our comprehensive ESG toolkit helps you go beyond simple compliance to lead the market and seize new revenue opportunities.

It’s about servicing the needs of clients today, but also the confidence that as new challenges emerge both in technology and in the economy, that you’re working with a partner that can go on that journey with you.

Tam Holmes, Chief Product Officer, The Bank of London

Comprehensive solutions for every business need

Financial Products Subledger

The Financial Products Subledger streamlines the connectivity between operations and finance. Create a transparent, auditable, and readily available source of financial data.

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Financial Services Data Management

Financial Services Data Management allows you to consolidate fragmented data silos into a central hub to unlock value and foster innovation with in-depth analysis.

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Financial Open Integration Framework

Streamline your integration efforts with the Financial Open Integration Framework, with a simplified interface for all connections and reliable access to S/4 data.

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Financial Control

Reduce the total cost of accounting, finance operations and closing processes while minimizing risks and manual labor associated with financial closing and reporting.

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ESG KPI engine

Our ESG KPI Engine allows banks to seamlessly integrate ESG and finance data into their reporting structure to comply with regulations and uncover new transition finance opportunities.

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Liquidity Management

The Liquidity Management System helps you optimize intraday liquidity costs, working capital and mitigate risk, adapting to your unique needs right out of the box.

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Templates for compliance

Stay up to date with evolving international and local regulations with our pre-configured templates SPECIFIC REG- reducing the long-term cost of compliance.

Multi-entity, currency and GAAP

Our solutions cater to complex business needs across different entities, currencies, and accounting standards, enabling group-wide finance standards and insights.

Trusted partner of over 800 banks

SAP Fioneer works with the world’s largest banks in providing end-to-end solutions for risk management, compliance and finance. As experts in both banking operations and reporting, we work in close partnership with our clients to help them achieve sustainable growth.

End-to-end solutions

Our end-to-end software solutions provide full coverage across the financial suite, enabling us to deliver a 360-degree view of banking needs and ensure seamless interoperability.

Experienced partnerships and development

Our team’s combined experience in banking, finance, and regulatory roles, working with leading institutions, enables us to fully comprehend your needs, and anticipate change.

Robust data foundations

Leveraging SAP S/4 Hana, the world’s most powerful event-driven in-memory database, our solutions offer tailored solutions for your unique needs, fully harnessing the power of data in your organization.

Growth-optimized solutions

We create highly sophisticated, agile, standard software solutions to streamline your operations, delivering reliable data to power predictable growth across your orgaisation, starting from the CFOs office.

Modern finance starts here

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