New features in SAP Fioneer S/4HANA FS-CD

Drive customer acquisition, retention and business efficiency with 3 key new features in FS-CD

Customer expectations for the digital ease of insurance – whether making a claim or opening a policy – have never been higher. They want insurance experiences to be instant, and flexible. The introduction of real time payments, digital payments and a new customer dashboard allowing agents to rapidly access and search customer data, both meet these expectations and help streamline operations.

Real time payments: take the anxiety out of making a claim

Insurance claims often represent a moment of crisis for a customer, and nothing is more reassuring than resolving that crisis quickly. The FS-CD real-time payments facility will allow you to offer immediate settlement for claims. Customers judge brands on the quality of service they receive when things go wrong, so this has the potential to drive not only customer retention, but even advocacy.

Digital payments: make it easy for customers to purchase a policy

Customers assume they can purchase insurance online with the speed and options of an e-commerce transaction, including choice of payment method. The FS-CD digital payments feature lets them select from a wide range of digital payment brands and automates settlement with the payment service provider, reducing barriers to entry. Flexibility and ease of payment increases application conversion rate, meaning more revenue at lower cost per acquisition.

New customer dashboard: increase the quality and streamline the operations of customer support

To deliver quality customer experience and process tickets and queries at speed, agents need customer data at their fingertips and at a glance. They also need something that can then automate the processes that follow. The new customer dashboard, processor cockpit and new functions give them instant access to all relevant data and let them trigger next steps immediately, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.

The new FS-CD real time payment framework is already being used successfully with local payment methods in South Korea, Brazil and around the world with customers reporting up to 80% reduction in PCI compliance costs for credit card payments. Watch the demo.

Real time payments: features

  • Capability to trigger payments from claims management
  • SEPA Credit Transfer Instant payments in near real-time
  • Easily adaptable to protocols in other markets
  • SWIFT integration embedded
  • Multi-bank access thru standard exchange protocol
  • Host to host connectivity to financial institutions

Digital payments: features

  • Enable new digital payment methods out-of-the-box
  • Secure and PCI compliant solution – tokenization approach
  • Automatically process one-time or initial premium payment and subsequent billing
  • Wide range of payment solutions supported

New customer dashboard: features

  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Processor cockpit for easy access to CD master & transactional data
  • Multiple additional functions including multi filter search


Payment solutions supported

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