Day in the Life: Change Management at SAP Fioneer

Day in the Life is a new series where we interview Fioneers about their job positions – their day-to-day working lives, what inspired them to go into their specific field, what they love about their role and bust some misconceptions.

Marie Raab is part of SAP Fioneer’s Global People Transformation Team, which is responsible for making SAP Fioneer a great place to work from the inside out. They develop processes and formats to enable positive change and involve employees (especially the Transformation Ambassadors) to shape and drive these activities.


What is your field of education?

I studied Media Science as a major and minored in Political Science and Law. Within that time I also went on a semester abroad in the UK to focus on Marketing & PR. For my masters I studied Media & Communication.



How relevant is your current role to your field of education?

I have to say that my semester abroad and my master’s degree in particular left their mark on me. They were definitely more hands-on and I learned how to put basic theoretical knowledge into practice. Above all, my basic knowledge of communication and marketing helps me a lot in my job. However I think it’s more my hands-on approach rather than my education that helps me most.#



What made you go into the field you are in today?

Definitely the opportunity to drive change. I love change because it ensures that things always remain exciting.

In addition, I wanted to understand more about the methodology behind it and take a step away from marketing to discover other things. I think it’s very important to be diverse.

Fioneer offers the opportunity to live out your potential and to independently drive new things forward.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

The nice thing is that there are no monotonous, repetitive tasks. Of course, I often work with PowerPoint or Excel for example, because I’m working out concepts and managing processes. But the tasks are all very diverse and there is always something new. That’s great!



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