Faces of Fioneer: JP Terrazas Jiménez

This week for our Faces of Fioneer series we interviewed JP Terrazas Jiménez, one of the developers of SAP Fioneer’s Cloud for Banking (C4B) Solution.


Tell us about yourself!  

I’m Juan Pablo Terrazas (or JP for a shorter, simpler nickname!) from Mexico City. I’m a mechanical engineer who ventured into that particular universe where Financial Services meets Technology, specifically SAP. I really like Financial Services because it’s currently the industry where the most disruptive transformation is taking place, all thanks to technology and information. And in particular being in Latin America, which is a region where most of the changes are taking place, makes me incredibly excited for being in the right place, at the right time.

What do you do at SAP Fioneer?

My role in the Fioneer family is as Cloud for Banking Developer, which is part of the Cloud Platform Products team. Since this is a recently created team I have to do all kinds of activities related to the lifecycle of a project (same as you would find in any other start-up!) That means I have to get involved from the very beginning when a customer shows interest for a product, I will prepare and present a demo for them. If the opportunity goes further, I’ll work together with the customer in  defining the scope and shaping the project. Then comes the actual implementation, development and testing which concludes in the Go-Live to production. And multiple cycles like this are happening all the time, with different customers around the world.

Why did you join SAP Fioneer?

This I believe is a once in a lifetime situation where there is a huge opportunity for SAP Fioneer to transform the FSI. But also there is a once in a lifetime chance where we get all the support and backup from SAP and our Dediq investors. And many colleagues I know from previous projects are also noticing this special situation; it’s hard not to join a team which is receiving such special support, attention and resources. It’s very common to think of the SAP Banking Services consultants as a little family, and finally this is the moment where the family is all coming together under the same team, but now we have the power in our hands to build this family the way we’ve always wanted it to be.

What excites you most about the future?

The change of mindsets that’s taking place in the minds of business leaders around the world. More people are beginning to realize that Financial Services are no longer just about holding an account with your Bank, receiving a card and going about your day. Financial Services has the power to change peoples’ lives and companies are realizing now that everything we do on a daily basis requires managing a balance, sending and receiving payments, getting insights on how we spend our money, getting assistance on how to achieve a long term goal that requires an investment. And the strategy that SAP Fioneer has outlined is an answer to all those challenges, because we are offering platforms and services that make available all of that functionality to any party that’s interested.

What do you like most about working at SAP Fioneer?

The diversity, professionalism and passion that every team member has. It’s something incredible when people from different backgrounds, with different skills all come together working for the same objective. A situation like that makes you understand it’s not just people working on their assignments, but instead talented individuals doing what they are best at in order to create something new, that will deliver tremendous value for society and change the way we think of financial products and services. I immediately felt a “click” when I started working here, and the feeling that everything just fell into place.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Curiously though my passions outside work are absolutely non technology related! In fact they are almost the opposite, as I like reading (real books, printed in paper, I like them better!), restoring fountain pens and mechanical watches and cultivating bonsai (small Japanese trees). I’ve been doing all of that since I was 13. But I have to be honest, I also really like video games so I think that’s what keeps me connected to technology, gadgets and all of that world! 

What 3 things can’t you live without?

My mechanical watch/fountain pen combo, delicious food and family/friends!

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Not too conventional.


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