BD Finance: automatic banking


David Fuentes, CEO of BD Consultores, talks about the transformation of BD Finance to 100% automated lending using our SAP Fioneer C4B (Cloud for Banking) and how it freed them to focus on what matters.

“You dedicate your time, your effort to run the business, not… the technology.”

— David Fuentes, BD Consultores



Partnering with SAP Fioneer was the best decision.
I’m the CEO of BD Holding Group, which also has a subsidiary called BD Finance.
BD Finance is a fintech, which developed a new product, which is called bdigital.
Bdigital is a product that allows people to lend money in a 100% automated process.
What brought us the idea to develop this was the pandemic. People are in their houses and they are still required to apply for a loan.
We have a lot of knowledge in the financial industry, so let’s develop a product that will connect people with the bank without going out of the house.
SAP Fioneer is helping us a lot because of C4B (Cloud for Banking).
C4B will be the best way to run or deploy for new customers.
What is unique from SAP Fioneer, is that they truly have the best knowledge in the industry.
The benefits are more with C4B because you know, we won’t be in charge of all the administration, not only on the cloud itself.
You dedicate your time, your effort and knowledge to run the business, not to run the technology. 
Scalability is very, very important. We need to go to market at different scales from the bottom to the top. So with C4B and SAP Fioneer we will be able to do that.
What makes SAP Fioneer different is knowledge, knowledge and support and the true intention to help in the financial business. The knowledge of your partners is key.


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