Banks are playing a key role in the global effort to limit climate change. They provide financing to their customers required for transition measures. In this whitepaper, we share how you can stay up to speed with the evolving regulatory environment for banking and how to leverage ESG data for sustainable business growth.  

Cut through portfolio complexity and boost business opportunities.

Key takeaways:

Strategic steering: See how efficient data management can enable banks to move towards high-capacity automated processes to inform strategic portfolio management.

Boost efficiency: Understand how technology can help access and interpret relevant data to identify business opportunities.

Window of opportunity: Find out how acting now will enable banks to navigate regulations and capture green financing opportunities.


An ESG solution that is fully integrated into a bank’s IT architecture and supports ESG data orchestration and KPI calculation, can build the foundation for financial institutions to successfully meet disclosure and risk-management requirements and concurrently win a significant share of emerging green financing opportunities.

Maria Patscke, CEO of SAP Fioneer ESG Solutions


In this whitepaper we delve into the critical role that banks play in combating climate change. We talk about the emerging business opportunities in this arena. We present an analysis of the increasing pressures from customers, shareholders, and regulators. And we explore the evolving regulatory landscape in Europe, including significant initiatives like the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. Moreover, we talk about the complexities of ESG data management in banking and the potential that lies in the intersection of finance, technology, and environmental sustainability.

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You can find out more about ESG KPI Engine here.

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