While embedded finance has taken the B2C finance space by storm, B2B embedded finance remains largely unexplored. But increased B2B digitization, the rise of open banking and APIs, and innovations within embedded finance technology itself, mean this won’t be the case for long. For the Financial Service Institutions (FSIs) that act first, a substantial opportunity awaits, with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software particularly fertile ground for B2B innovation. 

In our latest whitepaper ‘Changing the game: how embedded finance is reshaping the future of B2B finance’ we explore how integrating financial products into ERP systems could provide FSIs and their partners with a considerable competitive advantage, with benefits including: 

  • Enhanced cash-flow management
  • Increased product engagement
  • Greater customer retention
  • Reduced fraud risk

Download the whitepaper here.

Key takeaways 

Endless possibilities in B2B embedded finance

The embedded finance market is expected to reach $51 billion by 2026. Explore how FSIs can tap into this market and the near-endless use cases it offers such as digital trade financing, embedded payments and digital treasury. 

First mover advantage 

Understand how the FSIs that act first can define this embedded finance space and why a number of factors have created the perfect storm for success.

Leverage ERPs

In ERPs, FSIs have the perfect space to expand their own financial services offering and create a truly unified customer experience. 

Turning data into insights

Furthermore, find out how embedded finance can aid FSIs in leveraging all the relevant data that is consolidated within their clients’ ERP systems to gain valuable customer insights and develop superior products.

Operational strategy to leverage B2B embedded finance opportunities

To achieve the full potential of embedded finance, FSIs need to adopt a clear strategy and holistic approach. Learn how a change in thinking can make this possible.

Bridging banks and business  

Finally, discover how SAP Fioneer is bridging the gap between banks and their corporate clients with its unique approach.

Download the whitepaper

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