The fintech playbook: The great recalibration

Vox Pop Report by Fintech Talents, powered by SAP and SAP Fioneer

In our latest Vox Pop Report “The fintech playbook: The great recalibration” we asked fintech leaders to share their views on how they are facing the future and mapping out their moves over the coming months, including;

  • Managing the strategic shift in emphasis from growth to profitability
  • How they view the need for efficiency balanced against other objectives
  • The role of partnerships in helping to drive value, both for the business and customers
  • Juggling between the needs of the present whilst keeping an eye on future opportunities
  • Predictions for how this slate of challenges will unfold over the coming year


  1. An introduction from Lisa Moyle, Chief Strategy Officer, VC Innovations
  2. An introduction from Charlie Platt, Managing Director, Banking, SAP Fioneer
  3. Richard Davies, CEO, Allica Bank
  4. Lukas Zörner, VP Germany, Qonto
  5. Galen Grady, Senior Director, Expense Strategy & Operations, Navan
  6. Philippe Sahli, CEO & Co-founder, Yokoy
  7. A conclusion from Joerg Oser, Industry Leader FSI EMEA North, SAP

Embrace this time of recalibration as an opportunity for transformation. Fintechs have the potential to reinvent the financial services industry, and as innovators, we should rise to the challenge.

Charlie Platt, Managing Director Banking, SAP Fioneer

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